I was thinking earlier today about how we are so distracted by one atrocity, and how the American press milks that for all it’s worth.  My mom used to say, “What gets your attention gets you.”  And though that’s not necessarily true, there is some truth to it.  For the American press–which is now more irresponsible than ever before–it is quite true.  And it knows it.

On the same day that the “Charlie Hebdo” killings occurred in France (fourteen victims, as I recall)–over three hundred people were killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.  And this didn’t even make the news in the West.  And on the day of the latest terrorist killings in France (approximately 130 victims, if I’m not mistaken)–more people than that were killed in sectarian violence in Burundi–and this didn’t make the news in the West either.

And as all this news about the Paris terrorist attacks is keeping our attention, the Third Intifada (uprising) is occurring in Occupied Palestine.  The Palestinians (armed with only stones and knives) are being slaughtered by Israeli soldiers (armed with assault rifles)–and this doesn’t make the news in the United States.

We talk about racism in this country.  But “racism” is the most misapplied word in the American lexicon today.  I’ve only met one person in my entire life who I know–with absolute certainty–is a racist.  And he is Black.

But there is racial bias–and this is practiced by people of every race.

Franklin Roosevelt held a secret meeting with Winston Churchill in 1941, on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.  Roosevelt had been promising the American people–all along–that he would not get them involved in another European war.  But in the proceedings of this meeting, Franklin Roosevelt pledged support to Winston Churchill–promised that he would find a way to get the United States involved.

And whether intentionally or not, the proceedings of this secret meeting were leaked to Nazi Germany, unscrambled, via radio transmission.  And Nazi Germany passed the information along to Imperial Japan.  And less than a month later, on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Imperial Japanese.

In the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, Franklin Roosevelt declared war on the “Empire of Japan.”  To his credit, Franklin Roosevelt was the last U.S. president to formally declare a war before sending U.S. troops to fight it.  But not to his credit at all, Franklin Roosevelt sent the bulk of U.S. troops to fight Nazi Germany instead–to “get Hitler first.”

As a result, U.S. troops in the Pacific (my Great-Uncle Lloyd among them) were not provided with adequate military or moral support to fight the Imperial Japanese–who were far more cruel to captured U.S. troops than the Nazi Germans were.

And while Hitler’s Nazi Germany was committing atrocities against Europeans (it wasn’t only Jews)–Hirohito’s Imperial Japan was committing atrocities against Asians.

But the Roosevelt Administration didn’t care.


There were three reasons:

Franklin Roosevelt was an Anglophile (a lover of England)–and so many of the American people were also Anglophiles.  In other words, Roosevelt would do anything to protect Britain first, no matter what.

The motion picture industry in the United States was controlled by Jews–as were so many other mediums of the mass media in the United States.  And these Jews did everything they could to manipulate the American people, through propaganda, to save Jews first.

And the victims of Nazi German atrocities were of the Caucasoid Race–while the victims of Imperial Japanese atrocities were of the Mongoloid Race.  That’s right–the drive to “get Hitler first” was racially motivated.  The Roosevelt Administration was racially biased–as were the majority of the American people.  Damned if the U.S. was going to save the “Yellow Man” in Asia before saving the “White Man” in Europe.

And so it went–and so it goes.

We ignorantly think ISIS represents Islam.  Yet the majority of ISIS’s victims are Muslim.  But we don’t give a damn about Muslims, do we?

On the same day that a little over a hundred Europeans are killed in France, more than that many Africans are killed in Burundi.  But we don’t give a damn about Africans, do we?

And every single day–for almost seventy years now–Arabs are slaughtered by Jews in Occupied Palestine.  Most of these Arabs are Muslim, but many of them are Christian.  And believe me, the Israeli military is as brutal toward Christian Arabs as it is toward Muslim Arabs.  But we don’t give a damn about Arabs, do we?

The goddamned politicians in Washington, DC–including the President–as well as all the presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats–are constantly talking about America’s global focus.  But that’s all it is–talk.

It is up to us, the People of the United States, to do more than just talk about America’s global focus.


One reason the removal of the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola’s Five Flags displays hits me so hard, personally, is that I have been living near one of these displays since 1998.

For the last month, the British Flag has been missing from this display (located at the Osceola Municipal Golf Course).  And of course the State Flag of Florida has remained where the First Confederate Flag should be.

Then in the last few days, the United States Flag (American Flag) has flown at half mast in this display–to show solidarity with France, in the wake of the ungodly terrorist attacks there.  But this has been awkward–because the other flags in the display have still flown at full mast.

Finally, this morning, they’ve got it right:

All the flags in this particular Five Flags display have been removed, except the American Flag–which remains at half mast.

And I wish they would just keep it this way.

I had intended to fly the American Flag on the Fourth of July this year–but there was no way I could fly this flag at half mast from my house.  And I wouldn’t have flown it any other way.

Just a few weeks before, the Mayor of Pensacola and the Escambia County Commission had committed an act of government censorship, as well as an indirect violation of freedom of speech, in replacing the First Confederate Flag in the displays of the Five Flags of Pensacola’s history and heritage with the State Flag of Florida (an insult to the intelligence of Pensacola residents because Florida was never a nation, and because the State of Florida participated in the slavery of African Americans–along with Spain, France, Britain, and the United States–before the Confederate States of America even existed)…


The U.S. Supreme Court (by one vote) forced the legalization of same-sex marriage on the United States–thereby forcing a redefinition of marriage on an entire nation, and permanently violating the rights of the States themselves (specifically the residents of the States).

So I didn’t fly the American Flag on the Fourth of July because it was supposed to be a time of celebration–and I damned sure didn’t feel like celebrating–and I couldn’t fly the American Flag at half mast because I didn’t have a flag pole.

I did fly my American Flag on Veterans’ Day–not to celebrate anything, but to show consideration for veterans ( specifically, acknowledgement of their service).

Years ago, as these mass shootings began increasing, and I began seeing the American Flag displayed at half mast every time one of them occurred, I began thinking perhaps we should fly the American Flag at half mast permanently.

And perhaps we should.

Perhaps the American Flag should remain at half mast this time–to mourn the destruction of a nation at the hands of itself–until or unless we, the people of the United States of America, start taking our country back; until or unless we awaken from our ignorance, apathy, and complacency; until or unless we put away our Digital-Age pacifiers (mobile devices), and start communicating face-to-face with our fellow Americans again; until or unless we stop boasting about how much we love America–and start showing how much we love America by truly caring about America, and taking personal responsibility for America’s future.

Only then can we fly the American Flag at full mast, with a clear conscience.


I was just a child in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, so I didn’t see any Vietnam-Era protesting.  But I’ve learned enough to know that there are considerable differences between the protesters of that era and the protesters of this era.

And the most significant difference is this one:

To Vietnam-Era protesters, all lives mattered.

To Digital-Age protesters, only Black lives matter.

All lives matter–always!


In the wake of the mass government and corporate censorship of American history–and especially the indirect violation of freedom of speech here, in the city and county governments’ removal of the First Confederate Flag from the displays of the Five Flags of Pensacola’s history and heritage–I began to see trucks displaying the Confederate Battle Flag.  And I cheered their drivers on, of course–they were standing up against censorship.  Yet I saw so many more trucks displaying the United States flag.  I didn’t cheer their drivers on–they were just displaying these to counter the Confederate flags (they hadn’t displayed U.S. flags from their trucks before, so their collective motive was questionable, to say the least).

Finally, today, I saw a driver who had it all together.  He had the U.S. flag displayed side-by-side with the Confederate Battle Flag–then two flags with the “Don’t Tread on Me” insignia (the Gadsden flag) displayed side-by-side.  And I cheered him on especially.

This was the first time I had seen the United States flag displayed with the Confederate Battle Flag, from a truck.  And I thought, ‘This is what it’s all about.’ The mass government and corporate censorship of American history, the indirect violation of freedom of speech is about divisiveness.  This driver displayed something calling for the opposite–unity.


The vehicle in front of me has that familiar bumper sticker that reads, NO JESUS, NO PEACE above, and KNOW JESUS, KNOW PEACE below.  But because the top line is printed in black on a white background, only it is discernible–NO JESUS, NO PEACE.

This vehicle is in the left lane, on a five-lane highway (four regular lanes, with a turn lane in the center).  I’m driving in the left lane too–because I will soon be getting into the turn lane, and making a left turn.

The vehicle in front of me is moving at, or below the speed limit–and obviously not passing anyone.  So unless its driver is about to make a left turn as well, he or she should be driving in the right lane.  Yet it soon becomes clear that this driver is not turning anywhere, just prefers to hog the left lane.  And the NO JESUS, NO PEACE bumper sticker just rubs it in, as if the driver is saying, “I’m a Christian, so I own the road.”

Seeing that the right lane is clear, I move into it–to pass this road hog, and just get home.  And as I pass this vehicle, I glance at the driver–out of curiosity more than anything else.

She holds a mobile device in front of her, behind the steering wheel.  She’s talking on it–or rather, to it.  She doesn’t notice me–she doesn’t notice anything or anyone around her.  To her credit, she’s holding the mobile device downward just enough that she can see the road in front of her.  But she obviously cannot focus on the road, while talking on that phone–it’s just too distracting.

I motion for her to put that phone down, but she doesn’t notice.  And when I complete my pass, I point to the rear of my truck–which is covered with bumper stickers that read, HANG UP AND DRIVE, and PUT IT DOWN, IT CAN WAIT.  Of course I don’t look back long enough to see if she notices them–I have to focus on the road myself.  But she almost certainly doesn’t see them–she’s too focused on that mobile device.

I get into the turn lane, and make my left turn–while this willfully-distracted driver continues down the highway.

It should be illegal as hell to use a mobile device while driving–such willfully-distracted drivers should be treated as severely as drunk drivers.  Because mobile device usage behind the wheel is now killing far more people than drunk driving is.  Insurance agents know this.  Law-enforcement officers know this.  And the senators and representatives in the Florida Legislature know this–as do the Governor of Florida and the justices of the Florida Supreme Court.

But these politicians do nothing about it.  You see, if they were to ban any mobile device usage behind the wheel–if they were to make any usage of a mobile device while driving (even texting) a primary offence–it might affect tourism.  And it might affect the overwhelming immigration from other states too–millions of Americans are moving into Florida because the cost of living is so cheap here. These people bring money into the state.  And the State of Florida is the most lawless state in the nation because it holds money far more dearly than the lives of its residents.

If using that mobile device while driving were illegal, I could get this woman’s license tag–give it to the sheriff’s department–and its officers could stop this willfully-distracted driving immediately.  But it isn’t–not in the lawless state of Florida.

Yet I can’t stop wondering, as I drive to my house, Does that woman realize what a poor “witness for Christ” she is?  If she is still alive, what will she think when she inevitably kills another driver–or a pedestrian or bicyclist–and the officers on the scene remind her of her NO JESUS, NO PEACE bumper sticker?

In this–the most lawless county in the most lawless state in the nation–the driver described above is quite typical.  I encounter drivers like her every day–I take my life into my own hands every time I drive anywhere.  NO JESUS, NO PEACE? Might as well read, NO CELLPHONE, NO PEACE.


Scott Mayo 1Scott Mayo 2Scott Mayo 3

The establishment and continued support of the Zionist State (“Israel”) is an ongoing atrocity against the Arab People and against Muslims, in general.

me, 2010

Creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would “imperil not only American but all Western interests in the Near East.”

Dean Acheson, 1947

The establishment and continued support of the Zionist State (“Israel”) is both unethical and impractical.  It is not in America’s best interest at all.  Though on a smaller scale, it is similar to the ongoing atrocity committed against Native Americans since 1492.  It is arguably not in keeping with the teachings of the Torah.  And it is definitely not in keeping with the teachings of Jesus, as presented in the Gospels.

As aforementioned, the majority of Jews may or may not be Zionists–but the majority of Zionists are Christians.  And no Christian can rationally or scripturally justify the establishment and continued support of the Zionist State.  The continued support of the Zionist State is arguably the worst atrocity committed by the United States Government abroad today.  And it is our duty, as citizens of the United States, to demand that our government cease this atrocity–while we still have the freedom to do so.


Nothing destroys a nation as effectively as the ignorance, apathy, and complacency of its citizens.


Scott Mayo, 1st Confederate Flag shirt

It still seems so surreal to me, so hard to believe.

A young maniac kills nine people in a church because they are of a different race than his.  He uses a handgun that he acquired by taking advantage of loopholes in gun regulation laws.

And nothing is done to close these loopholes in gun regulation laws.  Guns remain as easy to acquire as ever for people who simply should not be able to acquire guns.

But simply because this killer posted pictures of himself on social media with Confederate flags–Confederate flags are suddenly targeted.  Politicians all over the American South (most of them Republicans) immediately remove Confederate flags from all displays–even purely historical ones.  And producers and retailers, nationwide, immediately stop producing and selling Confederate flags.

And I think this won’t happen where I live–because the Confederate Battle Flag was replaced with the First Confederate Flag, in the displays of the Five Flags of Pensacola’s history and heritage, fifteen years before.

Then a small group of power-hungry contrarians demands that the mayor of Pensacola remove even the First Confederate Flag from the Five Flags displays. And he gives in, without any regard for the citizens of Pensacola.  Later, the Escambia County Commission follows up on the Pensacola mayor’s decision with a proposition banning any variation of the Confederate Flag from any display–historical or otherwise–forever.

It is an act of mass censorship, committed by state and local governments and corporate retailers alike.  It is a dangerous precedent–an indirect violation of freedom of speech.  And indirect violations of freedom of speech lead to direct violations of freedom of speech.

And I seem to be one of only a small percentage of people–in this tiny metropolitan area of the American South–who truly realize how dangerous this is.


Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18

But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.

Mark 10:31

And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

Luke 16:15


There’s a “town hall meeting” scheduled here on the topic of mental illness.  I won’t be able to attend, because my entire body–especially my head–is so messed up every day from the side effects of the psychiatric medications I have to take.

At this moment, I’m under the vicious influence of an anti-depressant called Brintellix.  It was prescribed for me to try, to replace the Anafranil that gives me hell every day.  But this Brintellix just gives me more hell.  I don’t take any of this medication for depression, I take it for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)–which is my primary psychiatric illness, by far.  Like most forms of mental illness, OCD is not an illness of the mind, as much as an illness of the emotions.

In other words, OCD affects one’s thinking just enough to put his or her emotions in turmoil, though not enough to render him or her out of touch with reality (irrational, psychotic).  I am quite in touch with reality, arguably more in touch with reality than most other people in the world.  But I’m obsessed with the fact that I have neither the power nor the influence to change the current reality in the world around me.  And I’m obsessed with the fact that, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to change the current reality in my personal life.

Obsession is a misused term in our society.  There is no such thing as obsessive love, for example.  There is not even such a person as an obsessed fan.  Because an obsession is an unwanted thought that occurs again and again, in one’s mind. It’s not a pleasant thought–it’s not a thought of love or happiness or peace or fulfillment.  It’s a thought of fear or pain or anger or guilt that a person cannot stop.

And everyone experiences obsessions at times–people with OCD just experience them all the time.

How many times have you remembered an enjoyable melody–a memory of music that you enjoy, that plays again and again in your mind?  It goes on and on, and you don’t mind–because you like it.  This is not an obsession.

Now, how many times have you remembered a melody that’s not  enjoyable at all–a memory of music that you don’t enjoy, that plays again and again in your mind?  It goes on and on, and you do mind–because you hate it.  This is an obsession.

SRIs (serotonin-reuptake inhibitors), like Anafranil, are anti-depressants that are prescribed for OCD.  Anafranil (clomipramine) is the most effective SRI (arguably the most effective medication) in the treatment of OCD.  But the side effects of this medication are severe.  Most troublesome are the anticholinergic side effects. Severe dryness, not just in your mouth, but in your entire body.  This is why it causes erectile dysfunction, heat sensitivity, a feeling of tightness in your head, chest-wall pain, bleeding in your nose, urinary retention–and kidney damage.  I have kidney disease now because of this goddamned drug.

This is why I finally tried this Brintellix today, instead.  But the anticholinergic effects of this drug are much worse.  So it’s another useless drug, another drug I’ll probably be trashing because the side effects are so unbearable.  How many different psychiatric drugs have I tried since November, 1985 (always with a prescription, and always following the doctor’s directions to the letter)?  I have no idea.

It’s never a question of whether a particular psychiatric medication is effective–it’s a question of whether my body can handle the side effects.  And there are always side effects–and the side effects of psychiatric medications are as severe as those of medications for cancer.  Psychiatric medications are simply not worth what little benefit they provide, because their side effects are so debilitating.

I have been taking the same psychiatric medications for several years now–and my body simply cannot handle the side effects anymore!  If my mind is functioning well, but my body is not–what’s the point?

There is absolutely no difference between psychiatric medications and street drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine–they are every bit as dangerous.

And we, the mentally-ill, are guinea pigs–every day–for these goddamned drugs that don’t even cure mental illness, but do slowly destroy our bodies.

There are “advocates” for the mentally-ill who are always trying to get rid of the “stigma” of mental illness for us.  Here’s what I have to say to these “advocates”:

We don’t give a damn about the “stigma” of mental illness.  What we need is deliverance from deadly psychiatric drugs that destroy our bodies, and debilitate our minds!  If you really cared about us, you’d be seeking a cure for all types of mental illness, just as tirelessly as you seek a cure for all types of cancer!



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