Plato said, “A wise man speaks because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something.”  This quote really serves me well in social situations.  But does it apply to writing, as well as speaking?

I’ve been keeping a personal journal (in spiral notebooks), since 1992.  I started out trying to write daily entries, but found it impossible.  The same is true with this blog.  Some people can make daily entries, some can’t.  It just depends on the individual. 

My biggest difficulty, with my journal and my blog, is that I wait to be inspired.  I have an irrational idea that everything I write must be profound–that I am not allowed to write anything ordinary.  The consequence of this kind of thinking, of course, is that it keeps me from writing, at all! 

So to hell with it!  It’s about 2:10 am.  I ate a late supper (i.e. after midnight), which is usual for me.  But since I drink coffee after every meal, while listening to music (the soundtrack of “Interview with the Vampire” this time), I remain awake a little while! 

Yet now my Seroquel’s kicking-in, and I can’t keep my eyes open!   A moment ago, I started to save this, as a draft–but realized that would be giving-in to the aforementioned two-valued thinking!  So I’m posting it! 

And as for the Plato quote–I don’t care whether it applies to writing, or not!

2 Responses to “NO RIGHT TIME TO WRITE”

  1. 1 Binky January 20, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I did that for awhile–only blogging when I had something to say. It basically cut down my production to three posts per month. Now I try much harder to sit down in front of the computer and type out something…anything. If nothing else, it’s practice.

    • 2 solosocial May 20, 2009 at 7:46 am

      That is true–no writing is ever a waste of time. Even if you decide to delete or trash it, you’ve still gotten more practice!

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