After the SAGA meeting Wednesday, I finally approached Jan, and reminded her of what she said in that answering-machine message in December.  She agreed to meet with me.  I told her I didn’t have her number anymore–and she said she could call me.  So I gave her my phone number, as well as my last name.

Jan called later that same night.  We set up a date–we’d meet at Cracker Barrel this evening at 6:00.  I was surprised that she never called, to back out.  So I showed up at Cracker Barrel at 6:00, and waited thirty minutes.  She didn’t show. 

When I got home, I noticed Jan had left no message on my answering machine.  Then I called her, and asked what had happened.  She nonchalantly apologized, and said that she’d been sick all day, but had lost my phone number.  Of course, I told her that was nonsense, and she said I could believe what I wanted to believe.  Then I said, “For someone who prides herself on being a Christian, your behavior is most unchristian,” and she hung up on me.

When someone hangs up on you, this usually means that either you were shouting and/or swearing (which I was not)–or that you said something that person knows to be true, but is unwilling to admit.

Jan is a liar, a coward, and a hypocrite.

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