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Joe, a good friend in Mobile, once said television was the worst thing ever invented.  And I agree that television is one of the worst inventions of all time.  Still, I grew up with it, just as he did.  So I watch it, just as he does.  We’d all be better-off without television, of course.  Yet we’re addicted–so what can we do, but watch it selectively?

I’m very selective.  The only program I regularly watch is “48 Hours Mystery”, on CBS.  I used to watch certain programs on PBS also–but I can no longer see a damned thing reasonably well, because I cannot afford a high-definition or widescreen set!  And CBS will soon make the same format-change PBS has–so I’ll be unable to watch “48 Hours Mystery”!

However, this is just a minor annoyance.  Because most television I watch isn’t television, at all.  It’s film, on DVD and VHS!  (Yes, I am aware that DVD will soon be replaced by Blu-ray, but I can only deal with one planned-obsolescence issue at a time.)

So what’s the problem?  Well, I used to spend too much time watching movies on television, and not enough time reading books.  Now I spend too much time reading blogs on the Internet, and not enough time watching movies on television!

And that is why I need to end this post, and get off the Internet!


I was thinking earlier about Rachel Hunter, wondering if she had a good body yet.  And after viewing current photos, I am delighted to see that she does!  She’s always had a lovely face, and spoken the New Zealand dialect (one of my favorites, of the English language).  And now she has the body to match!  

Like all supermodels, Rachel was underweight.  Now she’s just right!  There is no perfection in this world, but her body is as close to perfection as can be!

Good going, Rachel–you are now more beautiful than ever!


I submitted a comment to this buddy of mine, and later discovered that, not only was it approved, but was featured as his next post (“Grand Slammed At Denny’s”, April 14)!  So it is essentially my first guest post!  This is an honor for me, and I sincerely appreciate it!


If I seem dazed and confused, I am.  Last month I had to start taking blood-pressure medication.  If I weren’t taking psychiatric medication, this wouldn’t be a problem.  But I am–and the last few weeks have been a nightmare.  The blood-pressure medication interacts negatively with the psychiatric, so I have to keep adjusting both kinds (with physician approval, of course).  I’ve finally begun to lower the particular psych med that’s indirectly causing the high blood pressure, but I’ve got to do it very slowly (weeks or months).  So pardon any writing that’s as dazed and confused as I (that’s one of my favorite songs in music history, by the way–especially the version from the film, in which Robert Plant suddenly goes into “San Francisco”, that is so weird and so cool)!

When I first read about “Twilight”, I looked in my stack of still-unopened DVDs, and saw that I had it.  But I soon realized it wasn’t the one getting all the hype.  The “Twilight” I had starred Newman, Sarandon, and Hackman, and was dated 1998. 

I usually don’t follow hype.  In fact, I tend to avoid whatever is popular at the moment–and the more hype it gets, the more repelled I am.  But once I discovered this 2008 “Twilight” was a vampire film, I was sold.  So I called Barnes & Noble.  It wasn’t available on DVD yet, but they gladly agreed to hold me a copy, once it was (this is why I patronize Barnes & Noble–their service is the best). 

I bought it last week.  I knew it wouldn’t measure-up to “Interview with the Vampire”–which I consider not only the best vampire film ever made, but one of the best films ever made.  But I watched it with an open mind, and was quite pleased.  In fact, I just bookmarked it twice (i.e. watched it in just two sittings)–which is very rare, for me.

It was beautiful.  I didn’t even watch any of the special features, even the deleted scenes (which I usually do)–because I wanted to hold the final moment in memory.  It was is that memorable. 

As for the women, all have pretty faces (except the mom).  But only one has a pretty body, as well–Rachelle Lafevre (“Victoria”).  I go for voluptuous women–those with curves.  And Rachelle Lafevre has curves!  This is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen!  I’m fixated on her, I’ve looked at her photos almost every time I’ve been online lately!  (No, I’m not an “obsessed fan”–just a lonely guy with an unusually strong passion for feminine beauty!)

So that’s my spiel on “Twilight”.  Though not nearly as much as the aforementioned actress, it is captivating.