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I have a shortwave radio, and don’t know anyone else who has one.  It’s a Radio Shack brand, only cost me $100.  It has FM and AM too, but I almost never listen to those.  Why should I–when I can pick up stations from anywhere in the world!  Alot of them are always in English.  Some of them are are in English part of the time, and in other languages part of the time. 

Instead of reading before trying to sleep, I listen to my shortwave.  This way I don’t have to have the lights on–so I can get to sleep more easily.  And it wouldn’t matter anyway–who needs a book, when he/she can have the whole world at his/her fingertips!   I pick up different stations at different times, any time of day.  And my shortwave is programmable, so I can just push buttons to get what I want. 

Right now I have the buttons set on Radio Australia, Radio Japan, Radio Spain, Deutsche Welle (Germany), and other stations I can’t identify.  And if there’s nothing on any of these (which is very rare) I just scan till I find something I want.  Often I do this with my eyes closed, just by feeling my way around–a blind person could easily do it.

And you can get one of these!  It’s too late to call Radio Shack, at this time, but I’m reasonably sure they still carry them.  And if I’m wrong, some other store carries them, no matter where you are.

Shortwave radio receivers have existed for decades.  This is probably why I don’t know anyone else who has one–they’re somewhat forgotten. 

So buy one, or have someone else buy you one.  No matter who you are, you’ll have fun listening to it–I guarantee it!