I notice there’s now a ring for cougars.  I’ve looked at it, and I find it trashy, like a bad tattoo–as if  cougars (women who date younger men) are promiscuous.  In fact, most older women dating younger men are quite selective.  Almost every woman with whom I’ve had a relationship, at all, has been ten to twenty years older than I.  I don’t prefer older women or younger women–I just attract older women more easily.  When I lived in Mobile, I never had a problem finding an older woman to date.  But the older women in Pensacola seem far more inhibited about this–which is one reason I have no luck here. 

Pensacolians are generally not as open minded as Mobilians.  For one thing, they’re far more radical, religiously.  That’s why this town is called the Buckle of the Bible Belt.   And this is probably the main reason older women here are so different–they regard dating younger men as shameful, even sinful.  There is absolutely nothing in the Bible forbidding such relationships.  But there is at least one incident in which a young man takes on a much older concubine of his deceased father.  At any rate, most of the radical, evangelical Christians in this town (or any other) probably know less about the Bible than more moderate, sincere Christians.  There seems to be more ignorance in Pensacola than in any other place I’ve ever lived, or visited.  Pensacola was once a thriving seaport, what went wrong? 

Yet I digress.  It’s possible that this cougar term will come to be something of which older women are proud.  But more likely it will make them even more leary of dating younger men–which is not good for me, at all.

You may wonder why I don’t leave Pensacola, since I dislike it.  The reason is simple–I have nowhere else to go.  In March, I will have lived in this house twelve years.  Since I’ve inherited this home, and don’t have to pay any mortgage, taxes, insurance, or rent, it would be pointless to move.  Still, some things are going better for me here, particularly my writers’ groups (now there are two).  And I hope to God that if I live to be eighty-six (eighty-eight after March 24), the second half of my life will be the happy one.

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