It’s 4:55 am, and I’m still active–typical.  Ever since Thanksgiving Day, I’ve been struggling to get my sleep cycle back to normal.  But normal for me is eating breakfast just after 2:00 pm! 

When I was a kid, I was definitely a morning person.  In fact, I always awoke before my parents.  I’d go into their room, and wake my mom to fix me breakfast (I must have been a king, in a previous life).  Then I’d watch Captain Kangaroo at 8:00 am, on Channel 5.  I kept this first-awake cycle until 1982.  That fall, I switched from Mobile Christian to Murphy High School for my junior year.  And my sleep cycle began to shift.  I don’t know if this was triggered by changing schools or changes in my body; but it became difficult to wake up in the morning, and easy to stay up till midnight.  And I’ve been a night person ever since.

I’ve just remembered a book, on this subject, and taken it off the shelf: The Secrets Our Body Clocks Reveal (1988), by Susan Perry and Jim Dawson.  I’ve never read it–perhaps it’s time I do.

Off the subject, that’s one thing I love about books–I don’t have to turn them on and get online for information.  In fact, I never look up a word’s definition online, unless it’s not in the dictionary or encyclopedia.

So what’s your sleep cycle?  Has it ever shifted, like mine?

1 Response to “DARK-CYCLING”

  1. 1 morethananelectrician January 23, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    My cycle is on a big switch now. I have always been a “night person” and have to get adjusted to a 4:30am wake up…ARRRRGHHHH!!!! I used to be able to function on five hours of sleep…not any more. Six is the minimum. BOOO!!!!!

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