I get alot of my news from AOL, simply because I see it every day.  Of course the important news is always presented in a manner biased toward the political left,  and almost everything else is just sensationalized tabloid talk.  So I read it with healthy scepticism.

Anyway, there’s a headline on AOL right now, which reads: Rapper Wants Mom to Delete Her Twitter (Now).  Is it just me, or does that come across as a bit sexual–thus hilarious–to anyone who reads it?  (Hey Dad, what’s a twitter?)  Reminds me of a billboard I once saw, here in Pensacola, advertising a concrete company: FIRST IT’S EASY, THEN IT’S HARD.  I only saw it once or twice–it was obviously replaced, for obvious reasons!  And my favorite is this: When Chevrolet advertised the Nova on billboards in Mexico, executives wondered why there was almost no response.  It took them a while to learn that No va, in Spanish, meant, It doesn’t go!     

So these misunderstandings are often unintentional, but occasionally they’re not.  The best example I can remember is this:  According to Guinness, the top-selling postcard of all time was published in the 1920’s (postcards were as popular as letters in those days, and they weren’t just for vacation spots).  On this postcard was this cartoon: A young man sits at the base of a tree, reading a book, while a young woman looks on, admiringly.  He glances at her, and asks, “Do you like Kipling?”  She replies, “I don’t know, you naughty boy, I’ve never kippled!”

Corny to us, of course.  But obviously hilarious to our ancestors!


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