If you’ve never seen Identity (2003), and you like mysteries–see it!  And you may want to buy it rather than rent it, because you’ll probably want to watch it at least twice!  This evening, I saw the film for the third time–it was better than I’d even remembered!

But there is one little annoyance, in one scene.  I watched a Siskel & Ebert special once on things editors overlooked.  Many very good films were featured, including Chinatown–an ATM in one scene before ATM’s existed.  There are alot of such oversights, in some of the best films ever made.  And Identity is definitely one of the best, at least in its genre.  This one error, unlike the aforementioned, has nothing to do with time setting, but location setting.  I might have even missed it had I not watched it so intently (I noticed it the first time).  I don’t think the following is a spoiler, but I’ll be careful with it–here’s the unmistakable mistake:  In Identity, there is one scene of an orange grove.  In the background, there are mountains–this scene was probably filmed in California.  But in the plot, it’s clearly stated that the orange grove is in Florida!    

This error doesn’t come close to ruining Identity–it’s still one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen.  But either the filmmakers (particularly the editors) thought they could slip that by–or honestly thought there were mountains in Florida!


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