Damn, I’m glad it’s February 15!  Valentine’s Day is the only major holiday I dislike.  Because I’ve never had a Valentine!  Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is wrought with expectation.  It’s heaven if you have a Valentine, of course (although you may expect too much from him/her).  But it’s hell if you don’t.  You expect love on Valentine’s Day–and if you have no significant other, you cannot help but be disappointed, at best. 

My favorite holiday is Halloween.  Why?  No expectations–you just get out and have fun, or stay home and give fun (in the form of treats).  In other words, your happiness on Halloween does not depend on anyone else–but your happiness on Valentine’s Day depends on someone else.  Of course this is not ideal–one should be able to love him/herself enough never to be lonely.  But that’s the ideal–not the real.  Never in human history have there ever been so many lonely people in the world.  And Valentine’s Day really rubs it in, if you’re lonely. 

For a little comic relief (though quite dark): There’s a Eurythmics song, Love Is a Stranger.  It’s on the back of the 45 for Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)–and is just as cool.  Anyway, the lyrics begin: Love is a stranger in an open car, to tempt you in and drive you far away…  And I add a line that’s out of tempo, but who cares: Love is a Stranger in an open car, to tempt you in and drive you far away…then dump you on the side of the highway!

As I recall Dickens’ Scrooge, part of the reason he’s so unhappy at Christmas is that he has never really had the love expected at Christmas.  Likewise, how can anyone not be a Valentine Scrooge, if he/she has never had the love (albeit romantic love) expected on Valentine’s Day?

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