As you can see in her latest post, my niece-in-law, Jessica, gave birth to a healthy girl, Olivia, yesterday.  And mother and daughter are in good condition.  Olivia is my second great-niece (Cassidy is my first, and Gabe is my first great-nephew).  I am overjoyed, of course, and also quite relieved!  Circumstances were especially precarious in this case– mainly because Jess carried this baby, and even had contractions, during two blizzards!  So I prayed alot about this birth, and am so grateful to the Creator!

I am also very proud of Chris (my first nephew)–and of my niece Laura, and my nephews Jeffrey and Jonathan!  Of the four, Chris is the only one married, as of yet.  And I am so pleased that he married Jessica–she is a blessing to my family!

And now I want to welcome my great-niece, Olivia, into this world–she is as precious to me as Cassidy and Gabe!  And for Cassidy and Gabe and Olivia:  May the Creator provide for all of their needs, and deliver them from all evil, all of their lives!


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