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I ate with the Singletons at the Crab Trap this evening, for the first time since the oil spill.  I ordered the same dish–fried, grilled, and broiled shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico–and it was just as delicious as before.  It’s also just as safe–I’ve had no ill effects from it.  I don’t know why seafood from the Gulf remains untouched by the oil spill, but it does. 

I still, however, have not been to the beach since before the BP rig exploded.  It’s too cold right now, anyway.  Perhaps next summer I’ll go, and swim (which is my favorite thing to do there), and find out if whatever remains of the oil (and the dispersants the fools used to cover it up, as if with a dirty Band-Aid) gives me any trouble.

I understand the biggest problem now is that people whose livelihoods are affected are still not getting the money they desperately need.

I also understand BP plans to continue drilling in the Gulf.  In my opinion, BP should be driven from this nation completely–though that’s not likely, since the U.S. is whoring itself out like never before.

If I had control of this situation I’d make damned sure the people got the money they lost due to this atrocity.  And I’d ban offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico entirely–forever.

But I don’t.  All I can do is continue eating seafood from the Gulf, thus supporting the industry here–and visit the beach again when I get the nerve.


I just took this test, and scored 50/50 on it–out of ten questions, five of my answers indicated that I was primarily left-brained, and five that I was primarily right-brained.  This surprised me, at first–but not after contemplating my scores on previous personality quizzes!  In short, with the exception of my score on the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, that on almost every personality-related quiz, test, or scale–especially among the serious ones administered by psychologists/psychiatrists–has been so spread out that I simply cannot be classified!  

Though I’m certain I don’t have MPD (multiple personality disorder–the existence of which I’m somewhat skeptical (still considering it a symptom of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, rather than a disorder unto itself)), I’m definitely multifaceted.  One of my therapists (perhaps my favorite) actually seemed frustrated in interpreting some test results of mine–I scored equally high, exactly, in three areas, thus dominant in none!  I remember his expression, one of exasperation that he could not figure me out!

Yet I must admit this is one thing I admire about myself–I’m the most eclectic person I know.  And you could tell this by looking at my music, movie, and book collections alone.  I’m also seemingly self-contradictory in many areas–even my political views being strongly left-wing or strongly right-wing, depending on the issues.

Some of me wants to be very popular among the majority of people (particularly women, of course)–but most does not.  I like being unusual, for better or worse–unclassifiable.  And this, ironically, fits my Enneagram personality type exactly–Four, the Individualist!


Being an alumnus of Auburn University (I attended my first year), I am delighted that Auburn has won the BCS National Championship–exactly one year after Alabama won it!  This says alot about Auburn, of course, but it says even more about the State of Alabama (my home-state)! 

I’d like to add that the University of South Alabama (from which I graduated) now has a football team–which has just finished its second consecutive undefeated season!

War Eagle!  Go Jaguars!  And Congratulations to the State of Alabama!


Like this and this, the following piece was included in my writers’ group’s monthly newsletter.  However this one is not a music-impression poem.  In fact, I don’t really consider it a poem–more an essay about oneself.  It was very well received, not just by other writers, but by family members.  And I think it quite appropriate for a blog post, since it reveals alot about me.  You might want to read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, before reading this–or just dive in.  Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

A Personal Application of Ecclesiastes 3 : 1-8

Scott ____

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

I was born, the last of four children, in 1966.

I expect to die, a very happy old man, in 2054.

I planted a bamboo root in my front yard–it took years to sprout, but is now spreading beautifully.

I often have to pluck up vines, planted by nature, that are growing into the heat-pump unit in my backyard.

I kill roaches, without hesitation–even if I have to use my bare hand.

I once healed a lizard caught in a roach glue-trap.  Using water, I freed it from the glue, then treated its wounds with hydrogen peroxide.  I don’t use glue traps anymore.

I broke down, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in November, 1985.  I’ve had to build up myself again, ever since.

I weep sometimes while praying.

I laugh at Cheers reruns, no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

I still mourn the loss of Mr. Vogel, my best friend ever, though he died in 1984, at age 84–and of my Grandpa ____, the best grandfather a boy could have, who died in 1974.

When I dance fast, I prefer to dance alone.  When I dance slowly, I hold my partner close, to feel her warmth.

I cast away stones in my front yard, that come from the street.

I always gathered stones together, as substrate for my tarantula, Charlotte, before she died.

I embrace my dad now–though I was brought up to refrain from embracing him, to just shake hands.  My brother-in-law, Tom, introduced us to embracing–having gotten the idea from Promise Keepers (a Christian men’s movement).

I got a double-CD of Puccini’s opera, Turandot, last month.  With the exception of Bizet’s Carmen, I’ve never heard an opera with so much melody throughout.

I lost a job as a master control operator at a TV station in 1989, on the second day.  The reason?  I overslept!

I keep far too much stuff in my house–always thinking I’ll need it someday, even if just for parts.

I cast away all my fat-clothes to charity, having shed over 100 pounds in 2003–big mistake, as you can see!

I always rend junk-mail before putting it in the kitchen garbage can–I don’t know why.

I never sew anything, even the smallest tear–too damned tedious.  I leave that up to my mom!

I’m learning to keep silence, in groups, and listen more–it’s a lifelong process.

Public speaking has been a hobby of mine since the 11th grade.  In fact, it’s easier for me to speak to an audience of strangers than with an acquaintance one-on-one.

I love language–especially if it’s foreign to me.  I’ve never heard a language (including my own) that wasn’t beautiful, in its unique way–particularly when spoken by a woman.

I hate injustice–and there’s plenty of injustice to hate.  The motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, says fair play seeks what is right, not who is right.  And the cause of all injustice may be people seeking who is right, not what is right.

While awake, I’m always at war–even when thinking of peace.  While asleep, I’m always at peace–even when dreaming of war.