Recently, my writers’ group published the latest issue of its biennial literary anthology, and I had the honor of having six of my poems included in it.  As with previous issues, I mailed copies to acquaintances, friends, and family members.  One of the acquaintances to whom I mailed a copy hasn’t even acknowledged it, let alone thanked me.  But I didn’t expect her to.  Still, after mailing it to her, I was inspired to write the following poem, which is included in the December edition of my writers’ group’s monthly newsletter:


Scott ____

He mails his latest published poetry

To a woman with no interest in poetry

A woman who’s never rejected his attentions

Yet never accepted them.

Jesus cautions him, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs

Neither cast ye your pearls before swine…”

To which he argues, “But maybe these words will win her, Jesus

Unlike those before.  Maybe this time she’ll share coffee and cake with me

If nothing else.”

He knows the inescapable wisdom of Jesus’ words

Yet foolishly mails his own words

To her, anyway.

Perhaps everyone needs someone for whom to pine.

(The woman for whom the poet pines resembles Gillian Anderson, though Gillian Anderson probably has much interest in poetry.)

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