I’ve been bitten by a writing bug lately, and I don’t know why!  Nevertheless, I might as well take full advantage of it!

Most of my poetry I’ve posted on this blog is music-impression poetry, but I haven’t written any of that for awhile.  Lately, I’ve been writing more structured forms like the Etheree.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Etheree, you’re not alone–I was unfamiliar with it for a very long time too.  There are four types of Etherees, and you can get all the details at this excellent website:

If you’re interested in writing poetry, I hope you’ll give these a try– they’re very enjoyable to write, and they look good on paper.

The following is a collection of examples I’ve written of all four types: the Etheree, the Double Etheree, the Reverse Etheree, and the Twin Etheree.


Ethereal Addiction

Scott ____


is how

I take my

coffee after

breakfast, after lunch

and after dinner.  High

is how I feel with each cup

in the presence of my hi-fi

whose components, too, are black, and whose

volume is too high, leading to white clouds.


Stranger Love

Scott ____


calls her

his woman

though she’s neither

spoken to him, nor

even seen him.  And he’s

only seen her once, from behind

and afar.  She’s a tall brunette

voluptuous in a dark, pink dress

pumping gas into her car gracefully.

She looks from side to side, thus showing him

her delicate face unknowingly

then returns the nozzle to the

pump, and slowly drives away.

Twelve years have gone since this

moment of rapture.

Yet she remains

his woman

till his



Divine Selection

Scott ____

Millions of potential mates await you

scattered all over the planet–the

nearest living a mile away

or a thousand.  Yet even

if you meet the nearest

you will not know you’re

potential mates

but by grace

if at



All That Exists

Scott ____




to love

that which we

want to be

below to do

that which is new

behind to conceive

that which we believe

and beyond to fulfill

that which we desire still.

And what sees us is a force

which follows us on our course

knowing what choices we will make

yet letting us judge each mistake.

For this force is our ultimate source

secure within enough not to force

any knowledge of the truth that persists–

this force, Creator, is all that exists.


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