And this is my favorite from the seventeenth segment of The Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes (categories under the letter, R):

Three fellows die and are transported to the pearly gates, where St. Peter explains that admission depends on a quick quiz, a mere formality.  “I’m just going to ask each of you a single question,” he explains,” turning to the first guy.  “What, please, is Easter?”

“That’s easy.  Easter is when you celebrate the Pilgrims’ landing.  You buy a turkey–“

“Sorry,” interrupts St. Peter briskly, “you’re out.”  And he asks the second man, “What can you tell me about Easter?”

“No problem,” the fellow responded promptly.  “That’s when we commemorate Jesus’ birth by going shopping, and decorating a tree–“

“No, no, no,” St Peter bursts out, and turns in exasperation to the last guy.  “I don’t suppose you know anything about Easter?”

“Certainly I do.  See, Christ was crucified, and He died, and they took the body down from the cross and wrapped it in a shroud and put it in a cave and rolled this big stone across the entrance–“

“Hang on a sec,” interrupts St. Peter excitedly, beckoning the other two over.  “Listen.  We’ve got someone here who actually knows his stuff.”

“And after three days they roll the stone away,” continues the third guy confidently,” and if He sees His shadow, there’s going to be six more weeks of winter.”

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