Scott ____

On my ten-speed I barely make it across the five-lane road

That used to be a two-lane

And pedal along streets above Broadus’s farm

Where Mr. Vogel led us on bicycle rides

Over bumpy dirt and abandoned pasture. 

The place is now Woodhillcrest and Hickory Ridge and Amberly

And the residents don’t know what was here.

Down a hidden path I enter the schoolyard.

Mobile Christian hasn’t changed.

I breeze past the aluminum building where I learned to read

And fell in love with Ginger

Then swerve to a halt before the high school’s glass doors.

I peer inside to see the silence.

Lockers stand like sentinels in the hall.

In the third room on the left, I punched that bully, Mark, during class.

At the other end of the hall, Jamie, the prettiest girl

Kissed me one Friday afternoon.

Yet I cannot ignore my adult reflection

Reminding me I no longer belong.

Passing the swings, where I dreamed of distant worlds

I return to Rolling Acres, across the five-lane road.

I view the field where I played baseball and flew kites

With Sam and Randy and Jeff and Seth and Robby.

But they’re gone, and grass grows for no one.

Almost home, I see the house next door

Where Vanessa lived.

I never tried to kiss her before she married.

I stop beside an old Coke can at the edge of the road.

Clenching my teeth,

I crush it thoroughly under my foot.

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