Morning Mindstream–February 18, 2007

Scott ____

What is live is to no availability

When rabbits pressure-wash horses.

Cigarettes steal time from chickens

Though not cattle.

Sleepy I am in Sacramento before the

Big One strikes.

Purple pain manifests destiny in Mardi Gras crowds

Until one can no longer write.

Inspiration hops upon the waffling

Plate before tides resume.

Gongs declare the glory of God too

Although the subliminal is impossible.

Subconcious jeans spin triangularly

Toward methods of injestion.  Bong

Is a filthy world that eats eggs

Scrambled in apple fritters.  That

I can no longer where are my

Dockers, genes remain.

Genius, genus too close to be fair

In the lexicon of dreams, or is

It better to sell you with, My Dear?

Cat spins in spinach until it finds

The tuna about which all the fuss was anyway.

Children mesmerize ghosts, nothing to

Fear in a land within this one.

Tell me your secretions, if you

Cannot tell me mine.  Where have

I herded that before, on the

Plains of Maine?


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