This is a follow-up to this–about time I do another one of these, eh?  Tara moved back to Alabama (my home state) well over a year ago.  But I’m still a member of Singletons–and we had a good dinner this evening.  I got a huge Great Dane (a rescue dog) three days ago, and after dinner, Delbert stopped by and met my dog.  Everything went well, my dog (I won’t mention his name yet) didn’t mess up anything in the house while I was gone, and though I’m keeping him on a trial basis, I may end up keeping him for good.

It had been a month, at least, since I’d been out socially.  I don’t normally have social anxiety, but tend to develop it after being out of circulation for a while.  So I went to eat with the Singletons at the Shrimp Basket, and had some beer (Yuengling), and then a hell of alot of Irish coffee (Bailey’s Irish Cream & coffee) when I got home.  And as you can probably imagine, I feel pretty damned good!

This would be tragic if I were an alcoholic, of course, but since I’m a caffeine-aholic (coffee in particular), it’s not so bad.  I’m addicted to caffeine–and I drink at least eight cups of coffee a day.  And it raises my blood pressure, and I have to take more psych med just to lower it.  And I’m a reformed nicotine addict (haven’t had a cigarette since September 7, 2007), and crave cigarettes every day.  But cigarettes make me cough my lungs out, so I simply cannot smoke.  And since I have high blood pressure, alcohol is actually safer than caffeine because it lowers it–though I can’t take it with my psych meds.  Anyway, I’m tired of rambling.

I’m too drunk to answer any questions from Gregory Stock’s book, but not too drunk to post–and I feel like posting (Irish coffee will really get you going)!  My new old dog is resting on the floor beside me as I write this, and it’s one of those moments when life feels just right!

Pardon any misspellings–I may correct them later, but then that would take away from the fun of drunk-blogging, wouldn’t it!

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my favorite Led Zeppelin song, Kashmir, for a while, but haven’t felt like going into all the details.  But who cares–you can find everything you want to know about the song online.  And though the song was actually written in North Africa, this place is the subject of the song:

I certainly hope the Indians and Pakistanis reach a peaceful solution over this disputed territory–but is it any wonder both countries want all of it?

I took one of those online personality tests and found that my personality best fit Led Zeppelin’s song, Tangerine, though–you be the judge.

Well, this has been fun–though my head is spinning (of course), and I need to get offline soon.  Let me end this in a way you would expect–with photos of a foxy lady.  I’ve chosen Actress Virginia Madsen.  I first saw her in Electric Dreams, and most recently saw her in Lying in Wait.  Virginia doesn’t seem to age at all.  And she’s still busy–even has her own website: http://www.virginia-madsen.org/:

And this is me in my present state, signing off!

4 Responses to “DRUNKEN POST #2”

  1. 1 Abby April 28, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Drunken post! Great idea. Your drunken spelling and grammar are impressive :). And you trust a new huge Great Dane, glad he left the home intact!

  2. 3 iamheatherjo April 29, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    1. I want to see the dog! (Keep him.)

    2. Virginia’s brother, Michael, is one of my very favorite imaginary (long term) boyfriends. 😉

    • 4 solosocial April 29, 2012 at 10:49 pm

      Good to hear from you again, Heather!

      I don’t have a camera (I need to get one soon), so I have no picture of the dog–but he’s a huge, black Great Dane. As to whether I’ll keep him–well, I still have him. But it’s only been four days, so I cannot know for certain. We (he and I) will just have to take things a day at a time, and see–it’s quite an adjustment for both of us.

      I’ve heard of Michael Madsen, though I didn’t know he was Virginia’s brother (learn something new every day)!

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