What motivates us to write?  And for us bloggers, what motivates us to post?  National Poetry Month is still not over, and I feel compelled to post more poetry before it ends–as if the world ends tomorrow.  What motivated me to write the following poems (also written over twenty years ago) was an A in Advanced Poetry Writing in college.  But why did I take the course–and why did I get a BA degree plus a year of post-graduate courses in English-Creative Writing?  Certainly not a lucrative field.  But I had no choice, really–I loved it.  I could have studied law, for example, but didn’t want to memorize all the historical cases that set precedents.  I didn’t love law, I loved writing.  And all the wealth in the world cannot make a person do something he or she does not love, without being miserable.

A Haunting

Scott ____

I’m breathing from my chest again

That damned faucet drips.

That dog barks, the crickets drone, the air conditioner blows.

My lights are the only ones in the complex.

It was just one of those things

When something clicks in one’s head

I saw the actress with long brown hair and an impish smile

In the 1937 British film.

That reminds me, I thought, of another actress who–

Then I saw you for the first time this year.

Now you won’t leave.

You, demurely in every corner.

You, with those bashful eyes, yet fertile hips.

Must call every listing tomorrow

Every name that could be yours.

If I reach you, I’ll feel like a fool

If I don’t try, I’ll be one.

Of course sleep is the exorcist of faces like yours

If I could only sleep.


In Quiet

Scott ____

Quiet speaks that something is missing.

Hours ago I felt your hips

Now I hear rain and crickets of quiet.

When you said, “I had a nice time”

I knew there would be quiet now.

Saturday, when future is heard

Will everything be quiet, or

Will I feel the sound

Of your face sliding across mine?



Scott ____

Pink girls wearing

Pink lipstick, pink rouge, pink eye shadow

Pink panties, pink stockings, pink skirts, pink blouses

Pink beads, pink bracelets

Pink shoes

Under pink neon signs.

Never been there.

Pink sunset makes pink world

I can call anything.



Scott ____

I pledged allegiance

O say can you see

I pledged allegiance

By the dawn’s early light

I pledged allegiance

What so proudly we hailed

I pledged allegiance–

We failed.


Progression of a Ghost

Scott ____

Within a neighborhood park

Beneath a constellation

About a glowing field

Around a towering pine

Over a tripping vine

Beyond a marble fountain

Above a scurrying ‘possum

Into a December wind

He flies.

Come travel with me

Says he.


This Day in History

Scott ____

Before this building

Beneath my shoes–

Squirrels gnawed berries

Bluejays fought

A bobcat ambushed a rabbit

A rattlesnake maneuvered grass

Breezes kissed

Pines grew, just a little more.


Primal Sense

Scott ____

I touch the sharp, soft blades of grass

I touch the big dog’s fur

I touch the holes of the wooden flute

I touch the wetted soil.

I taste the blood of the first-killed deer

I taste the bakery bread

I taste the sting of ocean-salt

I taste the heifer’s milk.

I smell the smoke of burning leaves

I smell the air of home

I smell the wound across my arm

I smell the gardenia bloom.

I hear the games among the children

I hear the woman’s whisper

I hear the grunts of a foraging bear

I hear the shouts of hawks.

I see the smile of the running boy

I see the forest frost

I see the glamour of the Sun

I see the age of bricks.

I feel the beauty of a cloud

I feel the lonely pain

I feel the hope to find the God

I feel the life of Earth.

2 Responses to “WHY DO WE WRITE, WHY DO WE POST?”

  1. 1 Abby May 1, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    “…all the wealth in the world cannot make a person do something he or she does not love, without being miserable”. You got that right!

    This post made me wonder what life would be like if there were no blogging!

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