God, I love doing these–I can be so free in what I write!  I wish I could be drunk every day, but there’s alcoholism in my family (my maternal grandfather was an alcoholic at one time, though most of his life he was sober–he became a member of AA and helped alot of fellow alcoholics in their recovery), so I can only afford to drink alcohol once a week.  Still, it’s good that I can drink at all–alcohol is still alot safer than the caffeine I consume every day.

Delbert couldn’t make it to the Singletons dinner tonight, but I went and had a good time.  Because Delbert is the only regular member of the group who treats me as an equal, I have to drink alcohol just to be able to talk to the other folks.  They’re okay, but they’re so much older than I (I’m the youngest member), and still think of me as a kid–even though I have alot of valuable knowledge and wisdom I could contribute to conversation.  In many areas, I know far more history than they, who lived through it.  For example, most of them think the Zionist State (“Israel”) has always been in Palestine, and have no idea that it was established in 1948, and that the Arabs there were displaced, many even killed.

My goddamned car is on it’s last leg wheel–it’s literally falling apart.  And members of my family are looking for another (used) car for me, although I have to pay for it.  Still, it will be worth emptying my savings account to have a car on which I can rely.  I wish to God I could have a brand new car, for the first time in my life–but they’re more expensive than ever.  I really hate cars!  I would say they’re the worst investment one can make, but they’re not really an investment–they’re a necessary evil!  I’d still much rather have a horse–and would get one if I had the means to provide for one!  But I’ve mentioned that before.  I know by posting this I’m probably going to get alot of spam in foreign languages–ads for new cars, as I did last time I posted anything about car trouble.  But I’ll just delete it–and I may not post this anyway.  As I’ve mentioned in some of my poetry, everything you write is a draft–you must revise and revise and revise before you’re finished with it!

I’d like to write about how our waitress came on to me this evening, but of course she didn’t.  And she was cute, too–a pleasantly plump blonde.  I once Googled “greatest concentration of natural blondes” and got a nice map showing that many of them lived in Scandinavia, of course–but a very large population (possibly most) live in Russia!  So if you want a blonde (or blond), go there!  Don’t come to the U.S. though–the majority of blondes here are not natural blondes.  My mom’s a natural blonde–so is one of my sisters.  But natural blondes are so rare here that there’s a joke:  What do you call an upside-down, naked blonde?  A brunette!

Listen up, ladies–keep your hair its natural color!  Whatever color your hair is–black, brown, blonde, red, grey, silver, white–keep it that way.  Believe me it’s beautiful whatever color it is–as long as it’s your natural color.  And if you’re older, and your hair is not the same color it used to be, don’t change it–it’s still beautiful!  One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen was a Native American college classmate.  She had long, black hair, but with streaks of white throughout (she was probably in her mid forties–as I am now).  And her hair was absolutely ravishing!  (Beautiful face too, though I think she was married, so I didn’t ask her out (she must have been, since I didn’t–that’s the only thing that stops me))!

Anyway, I’ve got a headache–it’s amazing how good I can feel emotionally, despite feeling bad physically.  That’s because emotional pain is far worse than physical pain–you know what I’m talking about!  Sure, some suicides are triggered by physical pain–but the vast majority are triggered by emotional pain.  So if your head, or back, or any other part of your body aches, but you feel good, emotionally (one argument for the decriminalization of marijuana, which I wholeheartedly support), rejoice!

Anyway, enough rambling–and if I’ve offended anyone, it’s not intentional.  I was going to close this post with a comparison of the Tilly Sisters (Jennifer, Meg, and Barbara), but I’m too delightfully dizzy to know which is which–so I’ll do that some other time.  You may wonder why I display so many photos of beautiful women–well, I’ve always been strongly attracted to members of the opposite sex, even as a child.  I had a friend (really more an acquaintance) named Greg.  He and I went to the Greater Gulf State Fair once, and he rode all the rides, while I played the games to win posters of women (looking back, the posters were probably less expensive than the tickets for the games).  One reason I didn’t ride the rides was that I was frightened of them (still am, except for the haunted house–because the seats move slowly, and their track is mounted on the floors–I’m not afraid of heights except when the platforms are unstable).  But I was also more interested in getting as many posters of the hot women as I could.  Greg scolded me–said I could have more fun riding the rides than getting posters.  And at the time, I felt ashamed.  But looking back, I realize there was nothing of which to be ashamed.  Greg liked girls too–just not as much as I.  No boy I knew liked girls as much as I!  And this is still the case!  Perhaps when/if I have a lifetime female companion I won’t be so girl-crazy.  But till then, hell–I can’t help how I feel.  As I’ve stated in a previous post:  We have much control over our actions.  We have some control over our thoughts.  But we have no control over our feelings or beliefs.

This must be my longest drunken post–I can’t help it, alcohol makes me want to write (at least Irish coffee does)!  But there’s a time for everything, so why not?

Should I end this post with photos of a woman to whom I’m attracted–well, why not.  Perhaps if I show her, she will come!  (The Persian Poet Rumi wrote: “Come to the garden in spring.  There is wine, and sweethearts in the pomegranate blossoms.  If you do not come, these do not matter.  If you do come, these do not matter.”)


2 Responses to “DRUNKEN POST #5”

  1. 1 nursemyra May 20, 2012 at 3:20 am

    Kate Winslett is very appealing. I liked her in Heavenly Creatures and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    • 2 solosocial May 20, 2012 at 5:55 pm

      “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is one of my all time favorite films! I have it on VHS and (I think) DVD. And the soundtrack of the film is one of my all time favorite soundtracks! The short orchestral movements I’m not fond of–but the songs are wonderful! I have it on CD.

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