After Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story, More of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of The Story, and Destiny: From Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story, there came a fourth Paul Harvey book entitled, Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth.  Unlike the previous three (which were written by his son) this was written by Paul Harvey himself, though edited by Paul Harvey, Jr. (Paul Aurandt).  It was published in 1991.

These short bits of actual news were included at the ends of Paul Harvey’s radio news broadcasts.  And though dated, they’re timeless.

Here is the first in the book:

Our For What It’s Worth Department hears from Hershey, Pennsylvania–where the woman in the Mercedes had been waiting patiently for a parking place to open up.

     The shopping mall was crowded.

     The woman  in the Mercedes zigzagged between rows–then up ahead she saw a man with a load of packages head for his car.

     She drove up and parked behind him and waited while he opened his trunk and loaded it with packages.

     Finally he got in his car and backed out of the stall.

     But before the woman in the Mercedes could drive into the parking space . . .

     A young man in a shiny new Corvette zipped past and around her and HE pulled into the empty space and got out and started walking away.

     “Hey!” shouted the woman in the Mercedes, “I’ve been waiting for that parking place!”

     The college-ager responded, “Sorry, lady; that’s how it is when you’re young and quick.”

     At that instant she put her Mercedes in gear, floorboarded it, and crashed into and crushed the right rear fender and corner panel of the flashy new Corvette.

     Now the young man is jumping up and down shouting, “You can’t do that!”

     The lady in the Mercedes said, “That’s how it is when you’re old and rich!”

May 22, 1987

4 Responses to “MORE FROM PAUL HARVEY”

  1. 1 nursemyra June 22, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    they used that joke in a movie…. i think it was called Fried Green Tomatoes

    • 2 solosocial June 23, 2012 at 12:11 am

      So I’ve heard. And since that movie was released in 1991, they apparently got the idea from the news item!

  2. 3 bearmancartoons June 23, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    That is two books I need to get.

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