Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

If you could have Cupid shoot a magic arrow that would make any one person you chose love and adore you forever, would you?  If so, whom would you pick?

For a limited time, sure–but not forever.

Interestingly, there is an episode of The Twilight Zone that shows what might happen in a situation like this.  It’s called The Chaser (1960), and you can watch Part 1 here:

And Part 2 here:

And Part 3 here:

2 Responses to “FROM THE BOQ: LOVE & SEX #16”

  1. 1 Abby July 3, 2012 at 11:06 am

    I haven’t seen this TZ episode and maybe I’ll check it out.

    Knee-jerk reaction is to say “yes, shoot!” but after thinking for about 2 seconds, I say no way.

    I think true meaning in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, comes from honest communication. Magic arrow? Pffft, where’s the fun in that??

    • 2 solosocial July 3, 2012 at 8:10 pm

      That’s actually something which affected my answer. This question is about mind control–whether I’d have someone love me via magic, who would not love me otherwise. If I did, her love would not be genuine. Still, that’d be okay with me, for a time–but not forever. If it were for a limited time, however, I’d choose a very beautiful, voluptuous celebrity who wasn’t married, and did not have children (someone like Thora Birch). Why not someone I know personally? Because if a beautiful, voluptuous superstar fell in love with me, for a limited time, she’d fly all the way over here, and move into a nearby house. And while I was enjoying her, sexually and romantically, I would take her with me wherever I went. During this time, I’d make local, then international news, of course–and get the attention of every single woman in Greater Pensacola. So I’d become a celebrity myself. I would never cheat on my celebrity girlfriend. But when the spell broke, I’d see if she still loved me anyway. If she did, I’d continue the relationship exclusively. But if she didn’t, we’d break up of course (hopefully on good terms)–and there’d be an overwhelming number of women wanting to take her place. I’ve mentioned indifference as an aphrodisiac. But second to indifference is fame, especially the kind of fame gained from dating a celebrity. Every single woman, near and far, would think I were the sexiest man in the world!

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