So many comments on my posts tonight!  I really appreciate your readership and your comments!  If it weren’t for your readership and comments, I wouldn’t keep a blog at all!

Oooh, I’ve got a headache–well, at least I know I’m sufficiently drunk!  I was thinking earlier about DRUNKEN POST #9–how it began with “Another one?  Yes, another one!” In writing that, I was referring to another drunken post–not the shooting in Colorado, though I can certainly understand how it could be interpreted that way (i.e. the frequency of spree killings in the United States, in the last two decades). 

The Singletons ate at a seafood place tonight.  Good food, but slow service.  Still, I knew this–that’s why I served myself as much as possible!  It’s called Hall’s.  Over twenty years ago, I worked at the Mobile location of Hall’s Seafood (now closed down).  I worked as a host.  Boring job, but I got a free meal with every shift, so that was nice!  And there was a ravishingly beautiful woman there who shared the same surname with me–though I never had any luck with her.  There was also a young woman there I’d once gone out with.  She was beautiful too (can’t remember her name, but we’d met in church)–yet now she was steadily dating someone else, and was pregnant.  At that time, I didn’t have a car.  So I had to ride my bicycle to and from work every day.  The funniest thing I remember is this.  The restaurant had a decent manager, somewhat coarse, but decent–and he was constantly hollering at the cooks for eating the food.  He had to, because they did eat (especially shrimp) as they cooked.  Still, it was hilarious!

This evening, I listened to the aforementioned CD, The Kings and Queen of Qawwali, as I drank my Irish coffee.  I especially enjoyed the selection performed by Aziz Mian–man that beats any heavy metal in the world!  He has a different style than Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan–when he chants, all but one of the instruments stop playing (with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, all the instruments (and background vocals) continue while he sings).  I plan to get an entire album of Aziz’s music soon.  Of course I cannot understand the words–except “Allah” and “Muhammad”–but I prefer it this way.  I find lyrics distracting, when I can understand them (when they’re in English).  I consider the English Language the most beautiful in the world–but I can never truly enjoy it, because I am distracted by meaning.  How often I’ve wished I could temporarily shift my understanding to another language in order to truly appreciate the beauty of English!  Yet I cannot.  Nevertheless, my favorite dialects of English are standard British (as heard on the BBC), and standard Australian (as heard on Radio Australia)–especially when spoken by a woman!  Of course the Southern Dialect of the U.S. is notoriously beautiful (“…And the Southern girls, with the way they talk–they knock me out when I’m down there…”).  But having grown up with the Southern Dialect spoken all around me, it doesn’t charm me.  In fact, I find the Eastern Dialect (especially that of New York) the most charming of the U.S. dialects–especially that of the Radio City Rockettes!  It all goes to show one is usually most drawn to what is foreign (or repelled by it).  There are alot of xenophobes (people who are afraid of foreign things, and especially foreign people)  all over the world.  But I’m definitely the opposite, a xenophile (one who is drawn to foreign things, and especially foreign people).  In fact, all my life I’ve especially gotten along well with people from other regions of the U.S., as well as other countries.  One of my therapists once remarked that I should find a foreign girl to date–because my slightly eccentric personality would not show (she’d think all Americans behaved the way I did).  And he was definitely right!  In fact, the largest concentration of beautiful women, to me, is in Britain and Ireland!  I’d probably be a hit there–if I could ever afford a plane ticket and a passport!

I’m worded-out!  I’m in the mood for Teri Garr, so I’ll end this drunken post with her.

2 Responses to “DRUNKEN POST #10”

  1. 1 frigginloon July 28, 2012 at 3:58 am

    “standard Australian” LOL Scott.

    or this?

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