Another elusive actress is Jude Mussetter.  She can be seen in the Cheers episode, And God Created Woodman.  But there are almost no photos of her online. 

Remember A Day in the Life of… series of books?  There was A Day in the Life of America, A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union, A Day in the Life of Spain, and several others.  These were picture books, with accompanying text–most unique because all the photographs were taken on location within one 24-hour period.  I only have one of these in my library: A Day in the Life of Hollywood (1992), which I happened to find on sale at a bookstore.  Much is revealed in this book.  Not only do you see the renowned actors, but also would-be actors attempting to get their big break.  And what’s truly sobering is that the majority of people who go to Hollywood seeking fame find only rejection.  This is probably the main reason there are so many prostitutes in Hollywood.  Many would-be actors have even committed suicide in Tinseltown.  And we don’t think about this majority of dreamers, do we?  Truly sobering indeed.

So to get even one appearance in a Hollywood film or television show could be considered quite an achievement.  As for me, the only role I’d like to play in Hollywood is that of the screenwriter.

Anyway, the following photograph is labeled as being that of Jude Mussetter–though she looks quite different from the character she plays in the aforementioned Cheers episode (a tiny picture of which follows the first):

4 Responses to “JUDE IN DISGUISE?”

  1. 1 Abby July 29, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    It’s funny how dialects and accents of our own language can be either appealing or not. I like the Australian accent too, there’s a playfulness about it.

  2. 3 Thomas John O'Keefe November 1, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    The photo of Jude in the second picture is from the set of Night Court, not Cheers. In the Night Court episode Jude plays Leslie from the title “Heart of Stone”.

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