Here I am again.  I’ve got to get another used car in two or three weeks, pay taxes on it–and I have the same pathetic amount of money I had when I bought the now-destroyed one–$8,000. 

My Uncle Leon is wealthy–very wealthy.  But although he is a liberal, bleeding-heart Democrat, as well as a converted Buddhist–his actions do not reflect his beliefs.  He helps no one.  He gives nothing.  He says everyone should take care of himself/herself, no matter what his/her situation.  In fairness, my Uncle Robert and Aunt Mary-Dawn are the same way–but at least they’re not hypocrites about it.  At least they don’t profess to be something they’re not.

On the day that my old car broke down completely, I mailed the following letter to my Uncle Leon.  Ironically, the car completely failed while I was driving to the post office to mail the letter.  So I mailed it the next day, via taxicab. 

Uncle Leon never responded to my letter.  And he likely never will.  Still, before I tear up the copy, and discard it, I want to post it here.  I want to do this for myself–to get it out in the open, so I can forget about the miserly son of a bitch,  and move on.

May 22, 2012

Dear Uncle Leon,

I hope you are all doing well.

As you may know, I’ve had problems with my car for several years.  I’ve never had a new car in my life.  But this is the only car I’ve ever had give me so much trouble.  It is a 1996 Oldsmobile Eighty-eight LS.  My parents purchased it for me several years ago.  It only had 67,000 miles on it, and was in very good condition.  And I had no problems with it initially.  But after about one year, this car–which I had taken better care of than any previous one–began having one problem after another.  My father and I have spent literally thousands of dollars for repairs on this car.  And now it is finally beyond repair–it would take at least $1,000 to fix it.  My father plans to come over tomorrow and, after we remove all valuables (including the new battery) and take the car to the scrap-yard, help me find another used car.

And honestly, I’m frightened.  I will have to empty my savings account (which contains over $8,000) and purchase this car myself.  I’ve had that savings account for at least two years now, and depend on it monthly.  Because, as you may know, I’m on Social Security Disability for my psychiatric illness, and my monthly income (after paying my bills) is only about $400.  And that’s not enough money for the rest of the month.

I understand that you are the only member of my family with enough money to buy me a new car, not to mention a good used one.  I’ve been told, by my sister Elaine, that you have said you would not help me in any way.  But I haven’t heard this from you–she could have misinterpreted something you said, or something my parents said.

So I want to ask you myself.  Is there any way that you, as my uncle, would be willing to purchase a new car for me?  If so, I would be deeply grateful.  But if not, is there any way you would be willing to send me $8,000 to replace what I have to remove from my savings account?  If so, I would still be deeply grateful.

I am told, by my parents, that it is not proper to ask for financial help of a family member.  But a family is the only social group in which propriety is irrelevant, and compassion is essential.

Whatever your answer, I would appreciate a reply.  My phone number is . . . And my email address is . . .

With love and respect,



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