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And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”  which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

And some of them that stood by, when they heard it, said, Behold, he calleth Elias [Elijah].

“What does that have to do with anything?  And what is a drunken post?”

“I don’t know–let’s ask him.”

It’s something I learned at Mobile Christian School, as a kid.  I was sitting in Chapel, which we had every morning–and when the speaker spoke those Aramaic words, all the other students laughed.  But I didn’t laugh.  I loved learning. 

“But where did you get the idea for these drunken posts?”

Several years ago, I was reading a young woman’s blog, and she discussed drunk blogging–as a sort of rite of passage.  That’s where I got the idea.

“Yeah, but why so many–isn’t fourteen enough?”

Not for me.  As I stated in my first drunken post, the drunken writer is at his/her best.  Because he/she is naked, uninhibited.  Haven’t you heard the saying, the truth is in the wine?  Well it is.  Or–in my case–it’s in the beer and the Irish coffee.

I can write anything I want here, and be unashamed.  I can tap my subconcious mind directly. 

“But aren’t you worried about what your readers might think of you?”

You haven’t been listening.  The few readers whom I’ve met personally will accept me for who I am.  And the majority of my readers whom I’ve never met will also accept me.  In John Gray’s book, Men, Women and Relationships, the author lists the primary needs of the human male and the human female.  The first need, to be loved, is shared by men and women equally.  Then the needs split, in importance.  After love, the human female most needs to be cared for, to be understood, and to be respected.  Likewise, after love, the human male needs to be accepted, to be appreciated, and to be trusted.  Both sexes need all.  But the primary needs of the human female, after love, are the secondary needs of the human male.  And the primary needs of the human male, after love, are the secondary needs of the human female.

Thus, as a man, the need to be accepted is one of my primary needs.

Could Gray be mistaken?  Sure.  But not for the majority of human males and human females.  And of course there are always exceptions.

This is just my opinion.  As the bumper sticker reads: “Everyone is entitled to my own opinion!”

Gotta learn to laugh at yourself! 

“So why another drunken post so soon–don’t you only drink once a week, at most?”

Yes, but this time the Singletons dined at Monterrey’s–which is practically across the street from where I live.  Next Friday they’ll be dining in Milton–that’s almost as far from here as my hometown of Mobile, Alabama!  So I made an exception–since I won’t likely be drinking alcohol again for at least two weeks!

This evening, upon returning home, I listened to the Genesis album, Invisible Touch, on CD–which I’d ordered.  This was one of several albums I purchased on audiocassette in 1986.  I especially like the song, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight–somewhat repetitive of course.  But I remember listening to it on my tape player in my car, over and over again, as a plea to the Creator–especially the lines, You keep telling me I’ve got everything–you say I’ve got everything I want.  You keep telling me you’re gonna help me–you’re gonna help me.  But you don’t. 

Sounds alot like, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, doesn’t it?  And I was referring to my mental illness.  My mental illness did not surface until November, 1985.  It’s only natural that I asked the Creator why I’d been stricken with it–why I’d been born with it (most mental illness is hereditary, and certainly mine was).  But the Creator never answered–and still does not answer.  There is no cure for mental illness.  There is only medication with horrible side-effects.  With these horrible side-effects, taking the medication is only slightly better than not taking it at all.

If I could, I’d take no medication–and simply use alcohol daily to ease my anxiety, ease my fear.  But I would become addicted to alcohol, of course. 

Still, I wish I could simply reduce the dosage of one medication in particular.  This medication is the best for OCD.  But its side-effects prevent me from getting enough exercise, because it causes dehydration and severe heat sensitivity–not a good thing in the hot, humid climate of Northwest Florida.  It also causes cognitive dysfunction–thus I cannot write poetry or prose as well on such a high dosage of the goddamned stuff.

Anyway, speaking of this climate–do you realize what day this is?  This is the Autumnal Equinox–the first day of fall!  And I am so grateful for this!  Soon this relentless heat and humidity will let up!

“Then the dude ends the drunken post with pix of some gorgeous girl he’s hot for–he says it’s a tradition he started.”

Indeed (I love saying that because Spock says it).  This week’s hottie is Betty Lynn.


Finally finished reading a short story tonight at my writers’ group’s monthly meeting.  It is the longest piece I’ve ever written–26 pages, double-spaced–approximately 6700 words long.  I wrote it in 1987.  I started reading it to the group several months ago, and I finally finished reading it tonight.  Now I need to find something new to read–might even have to write something new!  It is one of two short stories  of mine that exceed the word limits of most literary reviews–so I have yet to get it published!  Publishing is very difficult anyway, because it’s who you know, in most cases–or whether or not you are  known.  There are thousands–perhaps millions–of written works that are never published, never even considered for publication because their writers are not well-known.  It is a travesty.  It is like getting your first job–no one will hire you, because you have no experience.  But how the hell can you get experience without having a first job?  Most editors will not even look at your work if you are not well-known–but how the hell can you be well-known if you haven’t had anything published?

In other words, publishing is all about politics–not the skill of the writer.  And this is infuriating!

Had beer tonight.  They serve wine at these gatherings, but wine bothers my stomach–while beer does not.  So I took a six-pack, and drank the whole thing.  I have a headache, but I definitely feel good (of course I had some Irish coffee upon returning home, while listening to The Cars album, Panorama).

As a kid, I only listened to 45’s (singles), not whole albums (John Denver’s music being the only exception).  But in my early twenties I discovered the joy of whole albums–and I began with The Cars!

I love The Cars!  The band takes me to a less-complicated time in my life!

I’m not having any luck at all with this online dating thing.  I got a few positive responses when I posted head-and-shoulders shots on my profile.  But since I posted some whole-body shots, I’ve gotten none.  I’m 6’3″ tall, but I weigh 330 lbs. (120 lbs. above the ideal).  We men are hung-up on looks, but women are worse.  Women are hung-up on looks, age, and money!  We men seek one thing–women seek at least three!  And that “personality” thing–that’s bullshit!  Women don’t give a damn about personality–nice guys, like me, really do finish last!

There are exceptions–but very, very few!  I don’t give a damn if this is not politically-correct–it’s the truth.  In this society, at least, women are generally more shallow than men!

And just to show my sincerity, I won’t end this post with any photos of a beautiful broad!


Being an Independent, I will not decide how to vote until the last moment.  But if the election were held today, I’d vote for Obama. 

What Mitt Romney did yesterday was inexcusable.  The U.S. ambassador to Libya had just been killed, and President Obama made a statement condemning the action.

Then Romney jumped in, and criticized the President’s statement–simply to bolster his own campaign!  Romney is not the President, and he has absolutely no right to interfere in the President’s business!

What Romney did says alot about his character–that he seems to lack character!  And unless Romney offers a sincere apology for what he did–making this tragedy into a campaign issue–I’m definitely voting for Obama in November!


Good God, I thought I’d never get this written,  taking care of business with that online dating thing!  That really takes up your time!  Now, if I knew those women would respond with interest, it would be worth it–but I don’t, so it’s not!

I got this nice little brochure in the mail today–I wish I knew how to use my scanner, but I haven’t yet, so I’ll just type it out.  It’s an invitation to an End of the World seminar!

Yes, friends, Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime!

A continuing series of presentations–future topics will be announced!

Opening night–Saturday, September 8–7:00 pm

Unlocking Revelation’s Mysteries

Free Gift for the first 300 people opening night “The Bible Promise Book”

University Parkway Adventist Church–8751 University Pkwy., Pensacola, FL 32514!

Date Sensitive Material Requested in-home date September 1-5

Learn more about the Biblical prophecies of the Books of Daniel and Revelation using the Bible as your only textbook!

Oh, I wish you could see this!  The “speaker”, Brian McMahon, looks a hell of alot like Romney’s running-mate Ryan!  Clean-cut guy, good-looking guy!  Now aren’t all good Christians clean-cut and good-looking?

I notice, on the online dating site, that the “good Christian” gals are the most demanding–they’re the ones who want the best looks and the most money!  Gee, I wonder why?

When I got home tonight, after dinner with the Singletons, I thought how much fun it would be to attend this “life-changing” seminar drunk off my ass!

You don’t have to have a background knowledge of the history of Christianity to know that it’s the biggest racket in human history, and that Jesus had absolutely nothing to do with it!

Just look around!  Paul writes, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; behold, all things are become new.” 

Really?  Then why are the most devout Christians the most un-Christlike people on the face of the Earth?  And why doesn’t everyone in the world convert to Christianity?

According to the Gospels themselves, Jesus says whatsoever is esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.

He also says that not even he knows the time of the Rapture–that only the Father knows.

And at one point, when a man approaches Jesus, addressing him as “Good Master”, he swiftly interrupts the man, and says, “Why dost thou call me good?  There is none good but one; that is God.”

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus appears to contradict himself.  And the reason is that at least half of what Jesus allegedly said he never said.  This is because of the practice of interpolation.  Read these two books–Jesus: A Life, by A.N. Wilson, and The Lost Gospel: The Book of “Q” and Christian Origins, by Burton Mack–and you will understand how Jesus likely had nothing to do with Christianity at all, how this, the bloodiest religion on Earth, was actually established by the Roman Emperor Constantine and his bishops, in response to the true followers of the true Jesus, in a last-ditch effort to unify the crumbling Roman Empire.

The shortest verse in the Bible is this: “Jesus wept.” 

And I have no doubt that Jesus would weep today at the monster established in his name.  The emergence of Christianity is the worst development in human history.  Christianity is the bloodiest religion on Earth, because it is the only religion that accepts no other religion as legitimate.  It is the only major religion which maintains, in its doctrine, that followers of any other faith will go to Hell, no matter what.  It is the only major religion that tolerates no other. 

And on a side note:  I find it quite interesting that most Zionists are Christian, not Jewish–that most supporters of the Zionist State (“Israel”), being Christian, consider the Jews God’s Chosen People, yet maintain that the Jews are all going to Hell because they are not Christian.  How hypocritical can you get?

And as for both the Republican and Democratic conventions (having no qualms discussing religion or politics) I’m watching neither.  I still feel that both parties are equally extremist, corrupt, and powerful–and that this nation will certainly fall, unless it either elects an Independent candidate as president, or demands a major, moderate third party.  But sadly this will likely never happen, because the American people are too busy taking sides.  They don’t care what’s right–they only care who’s right.  It is at times like this I am almost ashamed to be a citizen of this country–a country totally contrary to what its founders intended it to be.  In other words, I don’t hate the United States, but what the United States has become in the last century.  Before 1917, this country was arguably the best influence of any country in the world.  But since 1917, this country has been definitely the worst influence of any country in the world.  In 1835, Alexis de Toqueville wrote, “America is great because she is good.  If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”  Forget Nostradamus–de Toqueville was right on the money.

Well enough religion, enough politics, how about some sex!  Sela Ward can say alot more than I can!