Finally finished reading a short story tonight at my writers’ group’s monthly meeting.  It is the longest piece I’ve ever written–26 pages, double-spaced–approximately 6700 words long.  I wrote it in 1987.  I started reading it to the group several months ago, and I finally finished reading it tonight.  Now I need to find something new to read–might even have to write something new!  It is one of two short stories  of mine that exceed the word limits of most literary reviews–so I have yet to get it published!  Publishing is very difficult anyway, because it’s who you know, in most cases–or whether or not you are  known.  There are thousands–perhaps millions–of written works that are never published, never even considered for publication because their writers are not well-known.  It is a travesty.  It is like getting your first job–no one will hire you, because you have no experience.  But how the hell can you get experience without having a first job?  Most editors will not even look at your work if you are not well-known–but how the hell can you be well-known if you haven’t had anything published?

In other words, publishing is all about politics–not the skill of the writer.  And this is infuriating!

Had beer tonight.  They serve wine at these gatherings, but wine bothers my stomach–while beer does not.  So I took a six-pack, and drank the whole thing.  I have a headache, but I definitely feel good (of course I had some Irish coffee upon returning home, while listening to The Cars album, Panorama).

As a kid, I only listened to 45’s (singles), not whole albums (John Denver’s music being the only exception).  But in my early twenties I discovered the joy of whole albums–and I began with The Cars!

I love The Cars!  The band takes me to a less-complicated time in my life!

I’m not having any luck at all with this online dating thing.  I got a few positive responses when I posted head-and-shoulders shots on my profile.  But since I posted some whole-body shots, I’ve gotten none.  I’m 6’3″ tall, but I weigh 330 lbs. (120 lbs. above the ideal).  We men are hung-up on looks, but women are worse.  Women are hung-up on looks, age, and money!  We men seek one thing–women seek at least three!  And that “personality” thing–that’s bullshit!  Women don’t give a damn about personality–nice guys, like me, really do finish last!

There are exceptions–but very, very few!  I don’t give a damn if this is not politically-correct–it’s the truth.  In this society, at least, women are generally more shallow than men!

And just to show my sincerity, I won’t end this post with any photos of a beautiful broad!

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