I told my psychologist about my drunken posts last week–and how I’d come upon the idea (reading about “drunk blogging” on a woman’s blog).  Well, she was quite expressive about it, her eyes widening, as she said, “Okaaaaaaaay!”  Then I explained the purpose of them–and the fact that I could always edit them later, when sober.  I’m very attracted to her.  But I’ve developed a crush on every female therapist I’ve ever had.  And this one is beautiful!  I’ve actually offered her my website, but she isn’t interested in reading blogs–any blogs.  She is the only person I know, other than myself, who doesn’t use a cellphone–and understands why I’m so opposed to the usage of them.

I did ask her once if she was married, and she said, “Let’s not go there,” so I didn’t.

I missed the Singletons dinner last night–it was way over at a place at Pensacola Beach, and I didn’t wake up in time.  Tonight  though, I went to a Mexican Restaurant where another group was scheduled to go, but the restaurant changed the schedule.  So I ate at Millers Ale House–the first time I’d dined alone for several years.  My waitress was nice, but ridiculously slow–and this confirmed a suspicion of mine: that you are not treated as well when you’re alone as when you are with at least one other person.  In short, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; cry, and you cry alone.”  It should not be this way–but it is.  People are naturally drawn to people who are not alone, and repelled by people who are alone.  We humans are a social species, evolutionarily–and evolution is a bitch!

When I got back home, I couldn’t decide what music to accompany my Irish coffee–so I started with “The Chain” and “Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac, then moved to “The Obvious Child” by Paul Simon, then moved to “Time Has Come Today” by the Chambers Brothers, then moved to “Tere Ishq Nachaya” by Aziz Mian, then finally ended my Irish coffee with “Hotel California” by the Eagles.  See, I’m the most eclectic son of a bitch I know!

I received a DVD in the mail today (first time I ever received a free DVD in the mail) from some organization, initials only (obviously too ashamed to spell out its name) about President Obama and his “Communist” connections!  Give me a break!  I bent the damned thing out of shape and trashed it.  I didn’t do this because I was afraid of learning the truth, but because I was afraid of being misinformed.  See, it’s better to have no information at all than misinformation.  But you know what’s sad?  The majority of people here in Escambia County, Florida (the poorest county in this state, according to the “Pensacola News Journal”, and arguably the most ignorant) probably watched that DVD, and took it as gospel. 

I hate this town–I really do.  I only moved here (from Mobile, Alabama) because I had nowhere else to go.  At that time (in 1998), this house had been vacant for a year, since my paternal grandmother was in a nursing home with severe dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s.  In Mobile, I was attending graduate school at the University of South Alabama, but my Section-8 apartment complex had turned into an honest-to-God ghetto.  So I moved to another Section-8 complex outside of Mobile, and my car was stolen from the parking lot three days after I’d begun moving my stuff there!

And things were reasonably okay here, until 2004, when that goddamned Hurricane Ivan struck this house–driving a permanent wedge between me and my parents.  Still, this is the only house I’ve ever had all to myself–and I love it.  I just wish I could pick up the house and move it to Mobile!

But I can’t.  So I’m stuck here in what the “Pensacola News Journal” calls the “Buckle of the Bible Belt”–with White trash, Black trash, fundamentalist Christians, narcissistic beach-bodies, faggots/dykes, and military assholes!  And if you don’t like my naked driving writing, dial 1 (800) EAT-SHIT!

Seriously though–if you take offense at my writing, try to put yourself in my place.  Because if you lived here, you’d probably feel the same way.  That’s what open-mindedness is, after all.  Open-mindedness is considering all points of view (liberal, conservative, and otherwise) before reaching a conclusion in one’s mind.  “Open-mindedness” is not synonymous with “liberalism”.  In fact, the most closed-minded people I’ve ever met were the most liberal, politically.

Well, I’m in the mood for Phyllis Thaxter.

4 Responses to “DRUNKEN POST #18”

  1. 3 Abby October 21, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    It is risky to blog while drunk! I wonder… what have you edited while sober?!

    • 4 solosocial October 21, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      It is indeed–but I like to live dangerously!

      Actually, I’ve edited grammatical mistakes on several drunken posts–but have tried to keep the text as it is.

      Of course it’s always good to know I can edit any post (drunk or sober), yet I try, as best I can, to remain true to myself. My dark side comes up more easily in these drunken posts (“the truth is in the wine”). But I am not ashamed of it.

      That’s one thing I don’t like about the original “Star Wars” trilogy–the idea that the dark side is evil, something to be avoided.

      I’ve previously mentioned that the Creator (God) has a dark side–and that it should not be feared or hated, but accepted and respected. Likewise we, the children of the Creator, each have a dark side. And the same applies. One should not fear or hate his/her dark side, but accept it and respect it.

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