spacecam_the_americasA short while back, I realized–after listening to CDs of Hindu music from India and Buddhist music from Tibet and Bhutan–that I only had one recording of Native American (American Indian) music in my collection.  So I bought numerous CD’s of it.  And I’ve been listening to this music–ancient music from my own continent. 

There were millions of people here in the Americas before Columbus landed in what is now the Bahamas–millions.  And up to ninety percent of these people were killed by Old-World diseases, such as smallpox and influenza, before the American Revolution–indeed before Jamestown and Plymouth Rock were established.

Most of the rest were either slaughtered, or absorbed through intermarriage.

In fairness, Columbus and the Europeans who followed him didn’t know they would kill most of the Native Americans by their very presence–through disease.  Yet they didn’t care, either.  The Europeans considered the deaths of the Native Americans to be the providence of God, this land to be their promised land–just as the Hebrews did, in slaughtering the Canaanites, the Moabites, and others who resided in what is now Palestine.

And beginning with Columbus, the Europeans–who came here willingly–brought understandably-unwilling Africans here, as slaves.

Then followed Asians–Chinese, Japanese, and others–seeking a better life.

Again, in fairness, had the roles been reversed–had the first humans evolved in the New World–they would have done the same thing to the natives of the Old World.  Because humans are the same everywhere.  But that doesn’t change what happened.

Now to the present.  It’s been over five hundred years–half a millenium–since we Europeans, Africans, and Asians first arrived here in the Americas.  Ideally, European Americans should return to Europe, African Americans should return to Africa, and Asian Americans should return to Asia.  But it’s too late–those continents from which we came simply could not sustain us, not with a global population of over seven billion people.

So we have no choice but to get along.  We don’t have to love each other, we don’t even have to like each other.  But we have to get along.  It’s that simple. 


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