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mahakala1mahakala2I am so goddamned sick of these fucking changes!  Pardon my coarse language, but I’m angry as hell!  WordPress is always changing its format!  AOL (my browser) has recently changed its format!  Now has changed its entire site!  Customers are not asked–these goddamned corporations simply make these changes without asking us first!  I wish the goddamned Internet had never existed!  I haven’t read a single book since I’ve had Internet access–with one very short exception.  Goddamn this technology!  It’s out of control!  Technologically, we’re making amazing advances–but socially we are completely deteriorating!  Someday, the Internet will crash–along with all the goddamned suicidal gadgets like cellphones, Iphones, smartphones, and blackberries!  I just wish that day would come now!  To hell with my blog–to hell with all blogs–to hell with all websites!  I want this goddamned “Digital Age” to end this moment!  May the Creator of all things and all people destroy the “Digital Age”–so that we may truly commune with one another again!  Lately, I’ve become interested in Mahakala.  Mahakala is a Tibetan Buddhist deity that basically acts as a destroyer of evil.  Unfortunately, there is no equivalent of Mahakala in any other religion–including Christianity.  I don’t believe in Mahakala, because I’m not Buddhist (just as I’m not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, et alia).  But it sure would be nice if there were some kind of deity that would destroy evil now–not later, but now!  There are people being murdered by Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma) at this moment, simply because they are Muslim!  I think Mahakala would start with these renegade Buddhist murderers!  Mahakala is fierce because he has to be!  I’m going to attempt to upload two (probably ancient) depictions of Mahakala in this post.  If there’s ever been a time for our Creator to save our world–to save us from ourselves–it’s right now!


There’s alot of bullshit in this world–and most of it doesn’t come from bulls.