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The problem with doctors is that the more patients they have, the less patience they have.


As you can probably tell, from my last post, I have a real love/hate relationship with the Internet.  Before the Internet became so accessible, my friend Joe said television was the worst thing ever invented.  And he was right.  I grew up with television, as did Joe.  And it really would have been better if television had never been invented.  Truth is, television does alot more harm than good.  Now there’s the Internet.  It’s worse than television.  It does alot more harm than good.  I wish to God the Internet had never been invented.  We really would be better off without it.  But it’s too damned late now. 

When I was a kid,  I bought cool stuff at stores–and it really meant something.  Now I do all my shopping online, and it’s just not cool anymore, it means nothing.  Just more problems. 

In my last post I mentioned how changed its entire website, so that nothing works anymore for its customers.  As aforementioned, didn’t ask its customers if we wanted it changed–it didn’t even warn us.  It just changed it into some kind of monstrosity overnight–literally.  If you want to do me a favor, email at, and tell them you want them to restore their website to its user-friendly version it had less than two weeks ago.  Tell them Scott alerted you, if you want–I don’t mind. 

I don’t give my last name, but maybe I will someday.  I’m very tempted to create a Facebook account tonight–and I would, if I didn’t already have a blog.  But I began blogging in November, 2008, before Facebook was invented–and blogging is risky enough.

With my love/hate relationship with the Internet itself, you might wonder why I continue blogging.  It’s because I want to be appreciated.  In his book, “Men, Women and Relationships”, John Gray lists “to be appreciated” as one of the primary needs of the human male.  And he’s right.

As Gray explains, the absolute primary need of both human males and females is to be loved.  Then the needs differ after that.  The remaining primary needs of the human female are to be cared for, to be understood, and to be respected.  And the remaining primary needs of the human male are to be accepted, to be appreciated, and to be trusted.  The remaining primary needs of the human female become the secondary needs of the human male, and the remaining primary needs of the human male become the secondary needs of the human female.

In other words, as a human male, I need to be cared for, to be understood, and to be respected–but not nearly as much as I need to be accepted, to be appreciated, and to be trusted.

When I first read Gray’s book, I was skeptical–then I realized he was right on.  No author knows everything.  But I still think he’s right on about this.  As a human male, I can care for myself, understand myself, and respect myself well enough.  But it takes another (or others) to accept me, to appreciate me, and to trust me.  And though I’m trusted by the general public, I’m not accepted or appreciated by it.  And I’m not trusted by women, in general.  They all tend to think I just want a one-night-stand.  And I want far better than that–I want a lasting relationship.   

The Internet will crash–and everything I’ve written on my blog will be forgotten.  But until then, I might as well seek appreciation with my posts, drunken or not.