After I discovered the aforementioned atrocity, by simply looking-up “Palestine” in a common encyclopedia one day, I blamed the Jews for this atrocity.  Yet, over time, I realized that the majority of Zionists were not Jews–but Christians.  Millions of Christians believe that, by supporting the Zionist State, they are hastening the “Second Coming of Christ”.  This, even from a Christian perspective, is second-guessing God–and second-guessing God is a sin of the utmost evil, in any religion’s sacred text.  Thus my focus began to shift from who was responsible for the establishment and continuing support of the Zionist State to the atrocity itself.  After all, as Zig Ziglar wrote, “Fair play seeks what is right–not who is right.”  In other words, it doesn’t matter as much who is responsible for this ongoing atrocity against the Arab people and against Muslims, in general as what it is–an atrocity.  You’ve heard that slogan, “My Country, Right or Wrong”–how evil!  This slogan teaches that one should support his/her country, even when it commits evil acts.  In a broader sense, it teaches that any group of people can be exempt from moral/ethical responsibility, as long as you love the group.  It even teaches that any person can be exempt from moral/ethical responsibility, as long as you love the person. 

It gives me the greatest hope, then, when I encounter people who stand against atrocity–even when the atrocity is committed by their own brothers and sisters in faith, race/ethnicity, or nationality.  And the following are two such groups which stand for, not who is right, but what is right–Jews themselves who oppose Zionism.  If you won’t listen to me–listen to them:

Neturei Karta International:

True Torah Jews:

Not to sound too religious myself–but thank God for people like these!


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