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Yep–that’s actually a word!  If you Google it, you’ll find articles about the Picts–ancient people of Scotland.  The Picts had no written language–this word was written on a stone, and is one of the only known written words (or names) from their bygone language.  It was written in the Roman alphabet, of course, so they’d obviously had some contact with Roman-occupied Britain. 

But nobody knows what besmeqqnanammovvez means.  And this is what draws me to it most.  In fact, I posted it on one of my kitchen cabinet doors many years ago–after getting it out of a book.  Ah–just found the book!  ANCIENT SCOTLAND, by Stewart Ross.  Yet in Googling images related to the word, I encountered something that almost made me forget the idea of this post (how precious a word or name from a bygone language could be). 

And, as is often the case, it has nothing to do with the term Googled.  This is one of the most erotic illustrations I’ve ever seen–not just because the woman is so hot, but because her surroundings are also.  It is especially inviting to me now, during this, the coldest winter I have ever experienced in my life.  If only I could jump in, and join her!

Presenting La Dame Sombre, from



I was going through my favorites list earlier, weeding out some of the links I no longer needed.  And I found several pictures of unusually attractive women I’d added–often when not even looking for them.  The following are some examples.  Some you will recognize–some you won’t.  And only two I’ve posted on my blog before.  The paragon of lovely women in the world is astounding–many are famous, but so many more are not.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is only skin deep.  And pretty is as pretty does.  And there is no truth in beauty–though there is often beauty in truth.  Still, there’s no harm in beauty either.

Gheorghiu Angela_Andre Rau_3993Barbara Virginia BarberDonna DouglasDonna ReedJacqueline DurazoJune PalmerKasey RogersMona Lisa (copy)my girlfriend I've never met--and whose name I don't even knowSarah BernhardtSphere of Her WishesStephanie CourtneySusan SullivanTina LouiseVeronica Lake














Reverse discrimination is still discrimination; true equality has yet to be achieved.




I have nothing to live for–and nothing to die for.


Internet spam has only one redeeming quality for a blogger–it requires that the blogger sign-in to mark it as spam–thus making it easier to post something, anything, just for the hell of it. In other words, spam motivates you to write more. I get a hell of alot of spam–and it’s amazing how totally irrelevant it all is. It never has anything to do with the post it’s “commenting” on. It also seems to come in waves–explosions of advertising for particular products and/or services at a time. I’ve just deleted gobs of spam all about roofing. The one in particular that slipped through the spam filter advertised roofing in response to my post, JEWS FOR WHOM I HAVE THE GREATEST ADMIRATION. What the fuck does roofing have to do with Jews who are (like me) opposed to Zionism?

I don’t need any goddamned roofing, at this time. Nor do I need any Internet porn, drapes, fabrics, ghostwriting services, or any other such shit. I’ve even gotten “comments” criticizing my spelling and grammar–that were themselves loaded with spelling and grammatical errors!

All you spammers listen up: I’m onto you. You cannot fool me. And though occasionally one of your “comments” slips through the filter–thus motivating me to sign-in, and write a new post–your “comments” do not motivate me to inquire about your products and services. If anything, they only motivate me to write posts like this, which expose your bullshit!



I’ve mentioned before that the public media (National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System) are the most reliable sources of information in the United States.  And I stand by this.  All news is biased because all history is biased–and news is history.  But the public press is much less biased than the commercial press for obvious reasons.

I didn’t believe in global warming until just after Hurricane Ivan struck my house in 2004, and nearly killed me in my sleep (via a would-be-impaling oak limb).  In the days that followed, this area was without electricity of course–so I had plenty of time to listen to my battery-operated radio.  And I caught a segment on NPR on this subject.  A woman was interviewing a scientist (Al Gore is not a scientist) who confirmed that global warming was real, but not in the way popular culture defined it. 

He explained how the earth had always gone through phases of extreme cold (ice age) and extreme heat (hothouse planet).  In so many words he basically said this:  Earth is entering a warm phase–but it’s natural.  We humans are not causing this, it would be occurring even if we didn’t exist. 

The interviewer did ask him why, then, we had been having so many record-breaking cold spells in the last few years.

The scientist replied that this was normal for global warming, though seemingly counterintuitive.  He said that, whenever the earth’s climate changes–whether warming up or cooling down–it goes through a long period of extreme weather before settling down into its new phase.  He said that, as global warming intensified, we would be seeing extremes in cold as well as heat, and extremes in dry weather as well as wet weather.  He said there would be typical storms–blizzards, hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons, tornados–occurring at very atypical times of year and in very atypical locations.  And he said that this bizarre weather would probably go on for decades before the planet finally settled into its hothouse phase. 

Of course this scientist could have been completely wrong–but I doubt it.  I liken this to “growing pains” in a human.  A child doesn’t instantly become an adult.  He/she goes through years of physical and emotional discomfort, often even turmoil (i.e. adolescence)before finally growing up.  And I think that’s what our planet is doing now.

As aforementioned, I am a card-carrying Independent–and I despise both the Republican and Democratic Parties because of their increasing extremism, corruption, and power.  Americans are confused as hell about climate change–and understandably so.  From the beginning, the Democrats have been claiming that global warming is real, and that we humans are causing it.  And as an understandable reaction to this claim, the Republicans have been claiming that global warming is not real.

As usual, the truth is somewhere between differing arguments–I contend that global warming is occurring, but that we are not causing it.  Are we aggravating it–making the “growing pains” more intense?  Possibly.  But what difference does it make?  If all seven billion of us were to suddenly disappear–global warming would still be occurring.

I really prefer the term “climate change” because “global warming” is such a politically loaded term–and because global warming could conceivably trigger an ice age. 

Nobody can seriously deny that there is something wrong with our weather, worldwide.  Growing up on the upper Gulf Coast in the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties I went barefoot this time of year–it was that warm every winter.  Winter was also the sunniest time of year–most of the rain occurred in the summer.  And even the summer wasn’t nearly as hot.  You see–contradictory weather.  Now it rains constantly through the winter as well as the summer.  And the winter is even colder than the summer is hot.  Two Christmases ago, there were two tornados less than a week apart in my Mobile, Alabama hometown–one of which tore up Murphy High School–my alma mater.  I asked a guy from Kansas if he’d ever seen a tornado–and of course he replied that he had.  But never in December.  And the last two summers have been the rainiest here in Florida–yet the driest almost everywhere else.  Hard to imagine–constant rain here, constant fire in the West–all summer long.  The best coffee I’ve ever had is Community Coffee’s Kona Blend–whose beans are grown in Hawaii.  But that blend hasn’t been available for two or three years.  After some inquiry to the Community Coffee Company as to why they no longer carried the Kona blend, I was finally told that Hawaii had been suffering such drought in recent years that there simply weren’t enough Kona blend beans to meet the demand anymore.

The earth’s climate is changing, and there’s nothing we can do but weather it out.  Fifty years ago, the weather was usually calm–fifty years from now, the weather will usually be calm.  But right now the weather is hell–everywhere.  We all just happen to be on this planet at the worst time.



Of course I’m disappointed that Auburn didn’t win this game.  But I’m proud as can be that it lost by only three points–what an effort!  So this tale of two teams is still unfinished.  It will be interesting to see what transpires further.  Auburn may not even make the next ten national championship games–or Auburn may win the next ten national championship games in a row.  The likely outcome is somewhere between these two extremes, of course.  But Auburn will be back on top again.  Truthfully, I don’t know much about football–or any other team sport, for that matter.  But I do know a hell of alot about life.  And I know how analogous football is to life.  Both the game of football and the game war of life are full of uncertainty.  And just as the tale of two teams is never finished until they are both long gone, the tale of two lives is never finished until they are both long gone.




I sure wish I could be in Pasadena tonight–not just to see this historic game, but to get out of this cold weather!  But like most everyone else, I can only watch it on television.  I’ve got my DVR set to record it, of course.  I pre-record everything I watch on TV–especially games like this.  If my favorite team wins, I later watch the recorded game, specifically for the winning plays.  But if my favorite team loses, I delete the recording.  The main reason I record everything, for later viewing is that I absolutely despise commercials.  I realize they’re a necessary evil, but they’re a most annoying evil, nonetheless.  I also do it so I can stop the show, any time I need to piss, shit, answer the phone, or even eat.  Yet with a game like this, I refuse to watch it live for another reason–it makes me too damned nervous!  As aforementioned, I attended Auburn University my first year of college–so naturally I’m hoping Auburn will win.  When I first moved here to Florida, I expected most college football fans to favor the University of Florida’s team or Florida State University’s team.  But most football fans–at least here in Escambia County Florida–favor neither.  They’re Bama fans–and they’re among the loudest, most arrogant, and most obnoxious Bama fans I’ve ever encountered!  Of course the majority of Bama fans are not alumni of the University of Alabama–they’re just following fame (certainly due to the legacy of Coach Bear Bryant).  Still, it just makes more sense to me that “native” Floridians favor Florida or Florida State.

This is going to be a tough game.  Both Auburn and Florida State are especially tough teams.  If you’re an alumnus of Florida State–I expect you to support Florida State.  Even if you’re an alumnus of neither university, but a “native” Floridian, I expect you to support Florida State.  Yet otherwise, I respectfully ask that you root for Auburn.  Now, I don’t ask you to pray for whatever outcome you want–only the coaches, managers, and players have any right to do that (if anyone has a right at all–this is a game, not a war).  But I ask you to root for Auburn–in opposition to Alabama.  Now Bama has won more national championships than Auburn.  But the University of Alabama’s football team receives more publicity than Auburn University’s football team–due primarily to biased sports news coverage.  And this needs to change. 

It will be an honor for Florida State to play Auburn for this title–it will be an honor for Auburn to play Florida State for this title.  Now, on with the clash of titans!auburn-fsu_1387573807959_4821276_ver1.0_640_480florida-state-seminoles-auburn-tigers