I sure wish I could be in Pasadena tonight–not just to see this historic game, but to get out of this cold weather!  But like most everyone else, I can only watch it on television.  I’ve got my DVR set to record it, of course.  I pre-record everything I watch on TV–especially games like this.  If my favorite team wins, I later watch the recorded game, specifically for the winning plays.  But if my favorite team loses, I delete the recording.  The main reason I record everything, for later viewing is that I absolutely despise commercials.  I realize they’re a necessary evil, but they’re a most annoying evil, nonetheless.  I also do it so I can stop the show, any time I need to piss, shit, answer the phone, or even eat.  Yet with a game like this, I refuse to watch it live for another reason–it makes me too damned nervous!  As aforementioned, I attended Auburn University my first year of college–so naturally I’m hoping Auburn will win.  When I first moved here to Florida, I expected most college football fans to favor the University of Florida’s team or Florida State University’s team.  But most football fans–at least here in Escambia County Florida–favor neither.  They’re Bama fans–and they’re among the loudest, most arrogant, and most obnoxious Bama fans I’ve ever encountered!  Of course the majority of Bama fans are not alumni of the University of Alabama–they’re just following fame (certainly due to the legacy of Coach Bear Bryant).  Still, it just makes more sense to me that “native” Floridians favor Florida or Florida State.

This is going to be a tough game.  Both Auburn and Florida State are especially tough teams.  If you’re an alumnus of Florida State–I expect you to support Florida State.  Even if you’re an alumnus of neither university, but a “native” Floridian, I expect you to support Florida State.  Yet otherwise, I respectfully ask that you root for Auburn.  Now, I don’t ask you to pray for whatever outcome you want–only the coaches, managers, and players have any right to do that (if anyone has a right at all–this is a game, not a war).  But I ask you to root for Auburn–in opposition to Alabama.  Now Bama has won more national championships than Auburn.  But the University of Alabama’s football team receives more publicity than Auburn University’s football team–due primarily to biased sports news coverage.  And this needs to change. 

It will be an honor for Florida State to play Auburn for this title–it will be an honor for Auburn to play Florida State for this title.  Now, on with the clash of titans!auburn-fsu_1387573807959_4821276_ver1.0_640_480florida-state-seminoles-auburn-tigers


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