I was going through my favorites list earlier, weeding out some of the links I no longer needed.  And I found several pictures of unusually attractive women I’d added–often when not even looking for them.  The following are some examples.  Some you will recognize–some you won’t.  And only two I’ve posted on my blog before.  The paragon of lovely women in the world is astounding–many are famous, but so many more are not.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is only skin deep.  And pretty is as pretty does.  And there is no truth in beauty–though there is often beauty in truth.  Still, there’s no harm in beauty either.

Gheorghiu Angela_Andre Rau_3993Barbara Virginia BarberDonna DouglasDonna ReedJacqueline DurazoJune PalmerKasey RogersMona Lisa (copy)my girlfriend I've never met--and whose name I don't even knowSarah BernhardtSphere of Her WishesStephanie CourtneySusan SullivanTina LouiseVeronica Lake

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