During a Dublin, Ireland, performance of the operetta, H.M.S. Pinafore, actor Alan Devlin suddenly stopped as he was singing “I Am the Ruler of the Queen’s Navee.”  The orchestra stopped also, and the audience heard Devlin mutter, “Oh, dash this, I’m going home.”  Devlin then climbed off the stage and walked out of the theater, taking off his admiral’s uniform as he went.  Devlin later said he was considering some other field of work.

–San Francisco Chronicle


The corporation which is the principal producer of fuel for atomic-power plants in West Germany is named “Nukem.”



In Tokyo, where nightclubs often resort to elaborate gimmicks in order to entice customers, the Shojo Hiko cabaret featured hostesses dressed as protesters and helmeted waiters decked out as riot police, and staged several “demonstrations” each night in which customers who weren’t drinking enough beer were “picketed” and jeered until they called over a waiter-policeman and placed an order.  At the Transistor cabaret on the Ginza, all of the hostesses were under four feet tall.



A loaded log truck heading south on Highway 29 near Bogia, Ala., lost two tires when a hub broke.  One tire, traveling at an estimated 60 mph, knocked down the front door of Bennie Earl Bass’s trailer home, destroyed a partition wall between the bedroom and bathroom, then slammed into Bass, knocking him off the toilet.

–(Flomaton, Alabama)


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