I wish to God those cops would have just left those homosexuals alone at the Stonewall Inn–they weren’t disturbing the peace.  Instead they busted them simply for being homosexual, thus unintentionally starting the “Gay Rights Movement”–arguably the most socially destructive social movement in U.S. history.

Before that, nobody cared.  Everybody knew Liberace was homosexual, for example, but that didn’t stop him or her from enjoying Liberace’s music. 

My brother Mike was homosexual–he died from AIDS complications in 1989.  Like Liberace, Mike was extremely talented.  He started out playing the piano, then the organ, then singing.  In fact, he was attending the divinity school at Yale University, on a scholarship from a very large church– in order to get his MA in sacred music–when his AIDS surfaced.  If Mike were alive today, I think he would be well-known worldwide, as a musical genius.  And I wish he were.  Mike kept his sexuality to himself.  He didn’t deny it, but he didn’t flaunt it either.  The church that gave him the scholarship knew he was homosexual–so did previous employers.  But it didn’t discriminate against him–in fact it applauded his great talents.  Why?  Because Mike didn’t force his sexuality on others.  He wasn’t ashamed of being homosexual–but he wasn’t proud of it either.

I surely wish homosexuals (male and female) today would follow his example.  “Gay Rights” activists (many of whom are not even homosexual) are among the most obnoxious, dogmatic, closed-minded, and downright vicious people in the world today.  They have no consideration for the feelings of heterosexuals (and even many homosexuals), whatsoever. 

I am convinced that homosexuality is not a sin, but a sickness.  It is not genetic–it is environmentally conditioned into a young (usually adolescent) individual by many, many different factors.  It is a psychosexual disorder–nothing more, nothing less.  And it has more to do with what is missing in a young person’s life than what isn’t.  I do agree, however, that homosexuality cannot be cured.

I treat homosexuals (male and female) the same way I treat heterosexuals–as human beings.  I’m not going to avoid you because you’re homosexual–but I’m not going to salute you for it either.  Why should I?  Again, it is a psychosexual disorder–nothing of which to be ashamed, and nothing of which to be proud. 

And if you dislike me for my views on homosexuality itself–that it is a tragic psychosexual disorder–then it’s you who have a problem, not I.  There is just as much evidence (or lack of it) that homosexuality is not genetic, as evidence (or lack of it) that it is. 

Yet even if I believed, as many people do, that homosexuality is a choice–that it is a sin, or even an “alternative lifestyle”–I’d still have a right to my opinion.

So, once again, “WHO’S GAY, AND WHO’S NOT?”


What matters most is not what you are, but what you do.


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