This afternoon, I was complaining about having to wash my clothes, when I suddenly started laughing at myself.  I wasn’t washing my clothes–my washing machine was.  I wouldn’t have to dry my clothes–my clothes dryer would do that.  No, I was simply complaining about having to wait for my machines to wash and dry my clothes for me. 

Then I remembered the above “first world problems” item I had once seen on IzaacMac‘s blog–and how it had made me laugh my ass off, then think seriously about the point it was making.

I’ve said before that we, the mentally ill, suffer more than anyone else in the world.  And we are scattered throughout the world–from the first to the third, and perhaps the fourth–mental illness does not discriminate at all.  I’ve said the reason for this is that mental illness is, for most of us, actually emotional illness.  And there really is no physical pain that can equal emotional pain; no physical discomfort that can equal emotional discomfort; no physical turmoil that can equal emotional turmoil.  I may have even said that if you asked an injured or disabled veteran of any war, anywhere, how he or she managed to bear such wounds–he or she would probably make it very clear that his or her physical suffering was nothing compared to his or her emotional suffering.  And though I don’t personally know any injured or disabled veterans at this time, I think they would all confirm this.

I think I truly would rather be dying of heart disease, cancer, or even starvation, yet be at peace emotionally, than continue to suffer the emotional agony of mental illness in a reasonably healthy physical state. 

That said, I still cannot help but laugh at myself whenever I complain about my having to wash clothes–when all I really have to do is wait for my machines to wash them.  Despite my mental illness, I cannot help but amusedly admit that most of my problems really are just first world problems!


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