And here’s another timeless item from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department hears from Syracuse, New York–where a woman went to the hospital with a cockroach in her ear.

Doctors Warren and Rotello shot a squirt of lidocaine into her ear.

That is supposed to cause the critter to exit the ear on its own.

But the cockroach stayed put.

They sprayed a DOUBLE dose of lidocaine into her ear.

The woman is screaming but the bug is not budging.

That is when the doctors reached for a suction device on the wall–a suction device used to suck up excess liquid spills–and they inserted the tip of the suction device into the woman’s ear–and the suction device sucked the cockroach–“shloop”–onto the tip and the tip and the roach were withdrawn pronto.

Doctors Warren and Rotello are not taking credit for this ingenious retrieval method.

They say it was the woman’s idea.

It was she who gave them the idea when she shouted, “Get that sucker out of there!”

February 2, 1989

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