Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done or had done for you?

In the summer of 1985, I had the pleasure of hosting two beautiful girls in Mobile–Malina and Melanie.  I’d met Malina at the airport in Los Angeles.  Malina was actually from Beverly Hills.  Her father was an immigrant from Nepal, and an obviously wealthy doctor–while her mother was an American-born Caucasian.  So Malina was quite exotic-looking.  Malina was on her way to Samford University, in Birmingham, to study law.  She arranged to visit me in Mobile, since she didn’t know anyone in Alabama at all. 

A few weeks later, I met Malina and her roommate, Melanie, at Auburn University (where I was attending school), to drive both of them to my parents’ house in Mobile.  They both got along well with my parents, and the visit was pleasant enough.

But on the inside, I was quite torn between these two beautiful young women.  Their personalities were as different as their looks.  Malina was kind, but very quiet and reserved.  Melanie, literally a farmer’s daughter from outside Birmingham, was also kind, but gregarious, and all smiles.  Melanie resembled the Actress Kate Capshaw–though she was even more beautiful than the actress.  So already, on the first night of their stay, I was developing more of an attraction to Melanie (a smile makes all the difference in the world).

Yet it was on the next day that I truly fell in love with Melanie.  I took my two guests to Gulf Shores.  Malina insisted on bringing her textbooks to the beach, to get a head start on her law studies.  In fairness, Melanie (six years older than I) was not a student, but a full-time career girl.  So she had no textbooks to study.  Still, it was a real turn-off for me that Malina hadn’t left the books at the house–this was the beach, after all.  And Malina’s first comment, upon seeing the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico, was “Where are the waves?”  I was amused–surely she was used to the massive waves of the Pacific Ocean.  But I was also turned-off.  That one comment, though not necessarily offensive to me, seemed to epitomize Malina’s overly serious personality.

Yet I was still torn–Malina was as physically attractive as Melanie, and she was a nice person.  And I remained torn–until Melanie did something for me that no other woman had ever done, or has ever done since.  It was the most romantic thing I’ve ever had done for me–in some ways because it wasn’t planned, just spontaneously affectionate.

Malina had brought her swimsuit from Birmingham, but Melanie hadn’t brought hers.  So the three of us went into a beach store.  At some point, as Melanie was looking at the swimsuits, I noticed one I particularly liked.  As I recall, it was a simple, blue one-piece–and I just mentioned, in passing, how much I admired it.  Yet Melanie continued looking–she had enough money to buy anything she wanted. 

Then, without my noticing (I was probably looking at something else with Malina), Melanie went into the dressing room–then emerged, wearing that same swimsuit I so admired!

And Melanie smiled, turning around to give me a good look at how great she looked in that swimsuit! 

Melanie bought a swimsuit for herself, because she needed one.  But she chose that particular swimsuit for me, because I admired it.  In a sense, Melanie’s gesture was so romantic because she gave me the gift of her own beauty.  And the gift of oneself, in any way, is the most valuable gift of all.

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