Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

Would you want to live with a prospective mate before getting married?  If so, for about how long?

Simple answer?  I’m too old to care. 

I’m 48 years old, and both my physical and emotional health have never been so poor.   Furthermore, the society in which I live is deteriorating–primarily due to exponentially-increasing overpopulation and insane dependence on Digital-Age technology.  And the world’s climate is definitely changing–whatever the cause, and whether it’s warming up or cooling down.  And this increasingly atypical, extreme, dangerous weather will likely go on for decades before the planet finally settles down into its hot-house or ice-age phase. 

This really is the end of the world–not of the planet–but of the world.  This is arguably the worst time in human history for anyone to be alive–but especially someone like me, someone who never belonged in this era, in the first place.

So to address the question, I would rather never marry at all.  What would be the point?  Yet if I did, I could marry right away, or live with a prospective mate for a decade first–it wouldn’t make any difference.

I’ve never even had a girlfriend for more than a couple months–and these relationships have been primarily just sexual.  Because I simply haven’t ever met anyone compatible enough with me for anything more–at least not anyone who wasn’t already married or otherwise attached (usually to some bastard who didn’t treat her nearly as well as I would have–it really is true that nice guys finish last, and that most women (at least in this fucked-up society) prefer mean guys, no matter how much they deny it).

If I seem cynical, it’s because I am.  But citing a line from a Nirvana song, “Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you,” just because I’m cynical don’t mean my cynicism is unfounded.

This really is the end of the world, and I really do have nothing to live for (or die for, for that matter).

And though my loneliness for a mate is the least of my concerns, I have little hope of ever finding real love, anyway.  Yet even if I do, her love can only help me so much.  I need a miracle–and only the Creator can provide that.

Next question?

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