And here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department woke a lot of people up all at once during an earlier broadcast this morning–with these words:

Jimmy Carter–roaring drunk and smashing up everything within reach–has been thrown out of the Moscow Olympics.

This is another Jimmy Carter.  A Scottish member of the British swimming team.

That’s not all.

In Detroit, a Jimmy Carter has been arrested for burglary . . .

And he was arrested by police officer Richard Nixon.

July 30, 1980


Our For What It’s Worth Department is told that Dennis Weidman is principal of Central School in Amboy, Illinois.

He made a wager with his school’s fourth graders.

If they would read four books each in one month . . .

He pledged to climb a tree in the schoolyard and read another book to the youngsters–from up there in the tree.

They DID read four books each.

And Mr. Weidman DID climb the big elm tree.

He paused and stood on the first limb–but the youngsters below shouted, “Higher!”

He climbed higher.

They shouted, “Higher!”

And he laughed and climbed higher.

But then he stopped laughing and stopped climbing . . .

When one down below shouted, “Jump!”

May 11, 1989

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