And here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

For What It’s Worth Departmentclosed circuit for members of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, California.

Your church board AUTHORIZED YOUR PASTOR’S ATTENDANCE at that week-long study conference . . .

A week-long retreat involving Bible study . . .

A STUDY conference.

It was a typographical misprint in your church bulletin which said Pastor Jim McClusky will be away this week attending “a stud conference”.

And yes it IS too late for others to sign up.

February 15, 1989


Our For What It’s Worth Department sympathizes with New Yorkers–whose resistance just gets worn down by the tribulations of Manhattan’s every-where and ever-present dangers.

Bob Herguth reports two women wearing mink coats entered a luxury apartment elevator in New York . . .

Before the doors closed a man got in leading a Doberman pinscher.

“Sit!” the man commanded.

And without a single word or a moment’s wait the two women sat down right there on the elevator floor.

January 13, 1982

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