And here are two more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department is convinced John Robert Ford, 29, of Williamson, West Virginia–is a talker.

We’ll see if he can talk himself out of this.

A Lexington, Kentucky, woman married him last March believing him to be football star Joe Montana.

And she became Mrs. Montana.

When this made news–another woman in Nashville recognized his picture.

Another wife.

She thought she had married Hank Williams’s piano player.

She admits it was probably her fault that he left her.

She presented him with a San Francisco 49ers warm-up jacket.

That’s when he decided to be Joe Montana.

August 20, 1986 


Flint, Michigan, police tell our For What It’s Worth Department they now have a computerized list of all unmarked police cars.

Flint, Michigan, police can now recognize one another–even in unmarked police cars–because they have this complete list.

It identifies makes, models, and license plate numbers of all unmarked police cars.

They got the list from local crooks during a drug raid.

March 9, 1989

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