And here are three more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department sees that Harry Covert is contemplating running for state senate in Virginia. 

Harry Covert, among other things, has been a Little League umpire.

He thought this would be an advantage.

But campaigning, he knocked on a door in Lynchburg . . .

To the woman who came to the door he said, “I’m Harry Covert.”

She said, “I know who you are.  You called my son out at home plate!”

And she slammed the door.

March 25, 1983 


Our For What It’s Worth Department intercepts a transmission near Orlando, Florida.

State trooper radios a truck jockey on his CB.

State trooper asks, “What is your speed?”

Truck driver replies, “Fifty-five, officer, just fifty-five.”

State trooper radios back, “Then you’d better pull over and get out of the way–because I just clocked your trailer doing seventy!”

December 21, 1984


Our For What It’s Worth Department concedes . . .

One to a customer.

In the church bulletin of St. Bernard’s Church in Akron, Ohio, it says:

The church needs men to help serve during funerals during the week . . .

And nobody will have to serve EVERY week; the duty will be rotated.

And it says, We do not have a large number of funerals at St. Bernard’s; never more than one per person.

End quote.

All right.

December 13, 1977

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