Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

If your partner had a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, but would have to go to a distant country and be separated from you for two years to take advantage of it, would you be in favor of it?  If your partner went, would you be faithful and expect the same?

If Stock used the word, “spouse”, in this question, it would be slightly difficult to answer.  But he doesn’t, so it’s not difficult at all.  I would not be in favor of this, not for two years–that’s just too long. 

So she’d have to choose between her career and her relationship with me.  After all, I would expect the same ultimatum if the roles were reversed–if it were I who had this “career opportunity”.

If she went, I would not be unfaithful, or expect her to be faithful–because I would break up with her, before she left.  And I should hope we would part on good terms.

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