And here are three more  timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department hears from Jackson, Mississippi–where Lucille Goodyear reports all kinds of trouble driving to and from work.

She says it used to be easy . . .

No traffic problems . . .

No mad rat race . . .

But now, Wow!  Cars coming from all directions.

She says it’s been that way ever since she got her new glasses.

April 23, 1979


For What It’s Worth . . .

Entertainer Tom Jones had a photographer follow him into a public toilet on a British freeway.

The girl with the camera ran into the washroom and climbed over the door into his toilet cubicle . . .

He pushed her out the door.

Last words he heard her say were, “I’ll never buy one of your records again!”

She did not say why.

May 24, 1982


Our For What It’s Worth Department has an item of interest for Duncanville, Texas, suburban Dallas.

Your preschool PTA is holding a charity auction tomorrow.

Your preschool PTA is raising money.

You parents of preschoolers will be bidding on a prize donated by a local urologist . . .

A $500 vasectomy.

March 29, 1985

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