People say, “The one you love is unfaithful.”

I heard that lie.

They say, “Your night will never end in dawn.”

Did you hear that one?

They say, “Why give up sleep and die for love?  Once in the grave, all that is forgotten–it’s all over.”

Did you hear that lie?

Some people say, “Once you leave our time system, the spirit stops moving–in fact, it goes backwards.”

What lies people tell!

Daydreamers, with sluggish eyes, say, “Your poems and your teaching stories are nothing but daydreams.”

I heard that lie.

People wandering around in the underbrush say this:  “There’s no path to the mountain, and no mountain either.”

Did you hear it?

They say, “The keeper of secrets never tells a single secret, except to an intermediary.”

People love to tell lies!

They say, “If you are a worker, you’ll never receive the key–the master alone goes to heaven.”

That’s the eighth lie.

They say this:  “If you have too much earth in your chart, you’ll never grasp what angels are.”

I heard that lie.

They say, “You can’t get out of this earth-nest with your stuffy love-wings–you’ll drop like a stone.”

Did you hear that lie?

They say, “What human beings do is insignificant anyway–stones weigh more than our evil, God cares nothing.”

Did you hear it?

So just keep silent.

And if anyone says to you, “No communion takes place without words,”

Just say to him, “I heard that lie.”

Rumi (as translated by Robert Bly)

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