Another question from Gregory Stock’s book is this:

What is the best lovemaking experience you remember?  What made it so special for you?

I really wish Dr. Stock could use a term other than lovemaking.  As aforementioned, Peter Gabriel says sings it best in this line: “Only love can make love.”  Love and sex are not the same thing.  In fairness to Stock, however, making love (lovemaking),  is the euphemism most widely used for having sexual intercourse.

That said, there are two best lovemaking experiences I remember.  And they were equally special for me.

The first was my first.  And it is recounted in this post, which is actually an answer in response to a question from Gregory Stock’s initial work, The Book of Questions.

The second was, as aforementioned, equally special.  It wasn’t my second lovemaking experience.  But it was my last fully pleasurable one–in which there was no performance anxiety, no relational uncertainty, no pressure.  And as was the case in the first, the woman was a stranger.

By this time, I was in my early twenties, attending school at the University of South Alabama.  I never had any luck with any of the girls there–probably, in part, because it was (as it still is) a commuter college.  I did have a few short flings with women during my time there–but none of them were classmates, none of them even connected with USA. 

There used to be whorehouses in Theodore, a mostly poor, White suburb of Mobile.  Of course they weren’t listed as such, in the phone book!  One of them was called Candy’s Movie Mates.  I don’t remember if I ever visited that one, but the name implies the way they advertised themselves.  The set-up was like this:  You’d pay to watch a porn movie on the VCR with a woman.  And that was technically legal.  But of course no one went to one of those places to watch a stupid porn movie! 

One weekend night, when I didn’t have a girlfriend (which was most of the time, of course),  I called one of these places.  I think this one was called Abby’s, though I’m not sure.  I had at least a hundred dollars, so I could afford it. 

It was really pretty nice–in an actual house, where families had obviously lived before.  I paid up front, and the madam called the girls into the main room, where they stood in line before me.  The madam was really very friendly, and so were the women.  But this was wonderful–the only time in my life I actually had the opportunity to choose a woman for lovemaking!  And it was a difficult choice, too–each of these women was beautiful, and all smiles.  Among them was a blonde, about ten years older than I, with a voluptuous body and sweet, sweet face.  Though she smiled, she said nothing.  She was the quiet type–and this was probably the main reason I chose her.  (Makes sense that a loud guy like me would prefer a quiet girl, doesn’t it?) 

She gracefully led me into a bedroom.  And of course we didn’t watch any damned porn movie–in fact, I turned the television off.  The room was nicely decorated, yet modest, comfortable–and very clean (as was the whole house).  I don’t remember her saying anything, I don’t even remember if I got her name.  But we really didn’t need words.  She was obviously a woman who did this for more than money–she just loved to be loved.  Seeing us together, you would have thought we were actually in love, even married.

I entered her from the rear.  And she made no pretense–no fake-orgasm sounds, none of that nonsense.  She just quietly, submissively took me inside her warm vagina–glancing back with a sweet look, as her breasts swayed, and my penis thrust.  I remember holding and caressing her wonderful hips–alabaster in tone, and smooth as those of a Victorian lady.  And when I finally ejaculated into her, I felt honored, as well as elated.  For I knew she would carry my sperm within her for a long time–as I would carry her sweet vaginal fluid upon me.  It was like she possessed my essence–as I possessed hers. 

And when we parted, it really seemed as if we were in love.  I even wonder if, had she met me in any other setting, she would have taken me free of charge

I’ll never forget this woman–just as I’ll never forget the first.

And it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever again feel such pleasure as with these two women–each a stranger, and each a companion just one night in my life.


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