Here are three more timeless items from Paul Harvey’s For What It’s Worth:

Our For What It’s Worth Department heard from Doc Blakely about a chap who traveled a lot . . .

And every time he was out of town his house was robbed.

The burglaries stopped after they arrested–his travel agent.

August 6, 1984


For What It’s Worth . . .

Virginia Young–is cashier at McDonald’s restaurant drive-up window in Des Peres, Missouri.

Cashier at the drive-up window.

She says enough of this customer.

He drives up to her window and orders a large Coke and he is wearing only a shirt.

Wearing nothing else.  Just a shirt.

So she called police after he came in that way–regularly.

For a year.

June 20, 1986 


Our For What It’s Worth Department hears of a great escape!

Gary Tindle was in a California courtroom charged with robbery.

He asked and got from Judge Armando Rodriguez permission to go to the bathroom.

While the bathroom DOOR was guarded–Mr. Tindle climbed up onto the plumbing and opened a panel in the ceiling.

Sure enough, a dropped ceiling with space between. 

He climbed up–and into the crawlspace–and headed south.

He’d gone thirty-some feet when the ceiling panels broke from under him and dropped him to the floor . . .

Right back in Judge Rodriguez’s courtroom.

December 4, 1986

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